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She opened one that had obviously been often turned over, and read a portion in the drawling tone of a beginner; then laughed, and threw it from her.
You can tell at a glance the difference between the old hand and the novice; between the case-hardened man who has been used to shift and struggle for years and the poor devil of a beginner striving to hide his misery, and in a constant agony of fear lest he should be found out.
I've been rather lucky haven't I, for a beginner? I found a good trainer, and I had second call on Cannon, who's riding him.
As a beginner, and especially to a member of the family, I suppose your terms will be moderate.
"Yes," said Dorothy, "you do very well, for a beginner."
At that time I was a beginner at the Bar and often met him in the corridors of examining magistrates, when I had gone to get a "permit to communicate" for the prison of Mazas, or for Saint-Lazare.
"Lydgate has been living at a great rate for a young beginner," said Mr.
'That's a bold way of speaking for a beginner! I wonder if I should shake your sublime confidence in yourself, if I suggested the most ticklish subject to handle which is known to the stage?
The chambermaid rearranged it with a ready hand which showed that she was no beginner in the art of dressing hair.
Bagua for Beginners (75 min.) is an instructional DVD to the internal martial art of bagua, which can be compared to tai chi.
Beginners & novice Fling 7 years: 1st Lucy Funnell; 2nd Rachel Carruthers; 3rd Lucy Wight.
These will be ms office courses in the following breakdowns: Ms excel: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.

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