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His introduction approaches Star Begotten cautiously and at a tangent, for he is aware that Wells himself, impatient with being continually misunderstood, mischievously encouraged misreadings of this "most thoroughly and teasingly ambiguous" of all his works (5).
My only reservation with his theory is that perhaps the interrelated person-defining activities of begetting, being begotten, and being spiraled might better be seen as variations on a single activity, e.
Ask a man for change, he philosophises on the Begotten and the Unbegotten; ask the price of bread, you are told 'the Father is greater, the Son inferior;' ask if the bath is ready, they say the Son is made from nothing"--On the Divinity of the Son and the Holy Spirit 3.
It was the fear that he, the only begotten Son, who loved the Father as no one had ever loved before, could be 'forsaken,' 'rejected,' even 'cursed' by that Father.
Dia has begotten other far-flung success, including Walter De Maria's Lightning Field, in New Mexico.
For one, it has begotten a passivity that has allowed a judiciary elite to usurp a role that belongs to the Canadian people--at least within a democracy.
John uses a description that nobody else uses for Jesus: "only begotten son.
It itself was born of tolerance for contraception, and now, in its turn, it has begotten sodomy, the connection being that contraception is an attempt to achieve sterility, and sodomy is sterile by its very nature.
This, then, is the fullness of time: When the Son of God is begotten in us.
As for charges of anti-Semitism, these are to be expected, and to be seen for what they are: subterfuge, noisy attempts to deny the Truth which is this: that God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son.
He knew it, he must walk into and become those hues, must take to himself like a chameleon, successive teguments begotten of sunset and desire
In the Triune life of love, God the Father eternally begets the Son, who is eternally begotten.