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Believe that he could, all the more, have begotten a true Son from his substance and could have one substance with his true Son, without any loss of spiritual incorruption and utterly removed from carnal corruption.
Star Begotten, therefore, alters the conventions of the standard sf alien-invasion plot (conventions that Wells himself helped invent in The War of the Worlds) to reflect its author's (and its era's) growing anxieties about radiation, genetic mutation, and bodily integrity.
La sombra del vampiro y la repercusion que pueda tener una cinta menos ambiciosa que Begotten, pero no por ello menos experimental, con mayor posibilidad de distribucion comercial, es un ejemplo evidente del idilio que vive hoy en dia Hollywood con el cine indepedendiente.
To get Star Begotten right, we first need some understanding of its historical context, the late 1930s.
We have seen his glory, the glory of the Only Begotten Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
It seems that Roth has inadvertently begotten a whole platoon of boys who like to pack rooms full of junk.
Built into both the system and society is a structural imbalance akin to the Olsonian accumulation of interest groups: Each government program and subsidy is begotten by, or begets, an interest group that cares much more about keeping it than anyone else cares about killing it.
My only reservation with his theory is that perhaps the interrelated person-defining activities of begetting, being begotten, and being spiraled might better be seen as variations on a single activity, e.
Ask a man for change, he philosophises on the Begotten and the Unbegotten; ask the price of bread, you are told 'the Father is greater, the Son inferior;' ask if the bath is ready, they say the Son is made from nothing"--On the Divinity of the Son and the Holy Spirit 3.
It was the fear that he, the only begotten Son, who loved the Father as no one had ever loved before, could be 'forsaken,' 'rejected,' even 'cursed' by that Father.
Dia has begotten other far-flung success, including Walter De Maria's Lightning Field, in New Mexico.
For one, it has begotten a passivity that has allowed a judiciary elite to usurp a role that belongs to the Canadian people--at least within a democracy.