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The wooden wagons were heavy and low-riding with loud rattling wheels, their broad planks too battered and begrimed to recall distant origins as trees.
According to Nursanti and Madjid (2009), bacteria Enterobacter gergoviae also having other benefit which is as dissolving as substance P deep meremediasi begrimed earth.
Patients may display less attention to hygienic habits than normal and clothing may appear untidy and begrimed.
From the ruined rubber he removed the blade tip of an X-Acto knife and presented it to her like a gemstone held between his begrimed fingertips.
to slake his needs), and sits supreme in his pen, begrimed with mud,
Given Polanski's focus on the irreparably soiled, even begrimed, nature of medieval politics, we can scarcely be surprised by his portrayal of Banquo and Macbeth as wary rivals rather than heartfelt friends and "noble partner[s]" (1.
At a recent shooting session after which I emerged with blackened face and hands, begrimed shirt and scorched eyebrows, G&A editor and long-time friend Jim Bequette furrowed his brow, looked at me quizzically and asked, "Just why do you shoot black powder?
She sat up to see Clay running water over a begrimed platter in the sink.
Despite his preference Luciano's legacy will always be tied to the Depression-era New York City prostitution racket--from the hookers "bookers" (who recruited the girls) and madams to the cops attorneys and judges all begrimed by the dirty fingers of organized crime.
In one instance, Chapter 80 of the 1/2 edition, a descriptive phrase from the otherwise omitted M Chapter 112 ("the begrimed, blistered old blacksmith") is moved into the middle of M Chapter 113, out of order
By the 20th century, industry had become a necessary evil which had begrimed vast tracts of urban Britain, to be avoided by those who could afford to.
Lacking handkerchiefs in hot climates the squaddies used their cuffs, which begrimed their faces.