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However, he added that it will be strange to see Lampard in a Manchester City shirt but still he couldn't begrudge him.
I think he has deserved this move, I don't think anyone will begrudge him it and I am delighted for him personally.
I KNOW I'm trying to cut down on my purchases at the minute, but surely I can't begrudge an amazing charity by begrudging myself an amazing new pair of shoes.
Look, I don't begrudge him the holiday, I just begrudge him the job of Prime Minister and wish he'd go on a much longer break, say.
How can anyone begrudge millions of Jewish people their own homeland?
But I do not begrudge anyone getting treatment at my expense, as that is what the NHS is for, to help the less well off.
Does Mr Hemming begrudge the Bob Cratchits of this world a little succour during this holy season of goodwill?
I won't begrudge her patch just as I wouldn't begrudge Vietnam War Soldiers a peace symbol on their helmets.
NOW I'm on me pension The thought gives me tension When people mention The free bus pass Why begrudge it Do not judge it Some day you'll get one too There is no class God willing when you're 60 You'll have to be thrifty You'll see what I mean Why aren't you keen?
When they save your life in hospital, you do not begrudge them their "huge wages", do you?
I do not begrudge my pounds 30 if this is a genuine offence, but am quite annoyed about this situation.
So it would be hard to begrudge anyone reading this while hunched in the corner of a rattling carriage a smile at the news Network Rail has been slapped with a record fine over delays caused by overrunning repairs.