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The begrudgers are socially myopic and mean-minded.
Foster divides responses to Ireland's boom in the new millennium into two types, Begrudgers and Boosters.
I'd had one of those days and all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and dream of my team giving the two fingers to the begrudgers.
Though there will be (and have been) begrudgers, the evidence of raw talent is clear for all to see.
So bless us, Father, for we have surely sinned We're quick to curse and slow to say our thanks We're great begrudgers, holy hypocrites, Tight-fisted givers, gluttons for that grace That saves us from our own worst enemies.
You know the sort, curmudgeonly begrudgers like Rory McGrath and Tony Hawks prattling on about their middle age hates on BBC2.
The begrudgers on the far side of the counting centre - and there were many - could barely bring themselves to look him straight in the face as the chief electoral officer Pat Bradley declared a truly momentous referendum result which according to some, signalled the end of the sectarian headcounting and the start of a new conditioning process by all sides going into the next millennium.
Annan has some very brass-tacks reasons for wanting to install a superstar, not least of which is the need to sell the organization to begrudgers in the US.
And since then, the political climate in the City of Angels has shifted to become a City of Begrudgers and Self-Servers.
But the most joy the begrudgers and cynics got from trolling Shearer was to argue that he had won precisely nothing with Newcastle in the decade he played there, and was thus unfit for recognition.
They are saying, for those begrudgers - because that's what they are - for goodness sake, look, get behind the leader of the Labour party that was democratically elected," he told the BBC.
For the first time in a long time, our begrudgers can't say apathy is in our nature.