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At the level of those who beg the interaction develops in two directions: within groups, referring to the interaction between beggars, within their group, and interaction with people outside their group.
In begging, individuals who beg appeal clearly to the "seduction" of people using a particular system of signs.
ABERDEEN ROBERT Hargreaves, 67, has been forced on to the streets to beg, despite having a home.
Pensions and dole money should rise with inflation - that would stop us having to beg.
In the classrooms, teachers beg schoolchildren for their "luxury foods" such as apples which they cannot afford on a teacher's salary.
Our leaders go abroad to beg for "aid" to support the national budget or else they can't run our countries.
It is damaging and humiliating to those who beg, trapping them in a cycle of poverty.
People who beg are among the most vulnerable people in our society.
91) See, eg, Philip Lynch and Deb Tsorbaris, 'Zero Tolerance Begs the Question', Herald Sun (Melbourne), 7 December 2004, 19, in which the authors discuss a number of calls for such an approach from politicians, retailers, traders, and police.
Informed by the nature, extent and causes of begging and the interests, values and views of people who beg, it discusses a range of legal and public policy initiatives, both domestic and international, designed to respond to begging.
The first thing to remember is that to beg the question is NOT the same as to invite the question.