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I wish you'd beg Archie's too, and be good friends again.
Franklin Blake presents his compliments to Miss Clack, and begs to thank her for the fifth chapter of her narrative.
When you git another one, you'll git down on yo' knees en beg for it
I beg your pardon,' said Alice very humbly: `you had got to the fifth bend, I think?
If you would give him to me for a hand on my station, he might do to clean out the folds, or bring a bit of sweet feed to the kids, and he could fatten his thighs as much as he pleased on whey; but he has taken to bad ways and will not go about any kind of work; he will do nothing but beg victuals all the town over, to feed his insatiable belly.
Those who beg in silence starve in silence,' said Kim, quoting a native proverb.
At evening, they would leap down from the pines, and beg with their hands for things to eat, and then swing off in graceful curves.
Eureka was forbidden to wander around the palace and was made to stay in confinement in Dorothy's room; so she began to beg her mistress to send her to some other place where she could enjoy herself better.
Do not think," he went on, "that I tell you this to beg for your sympathy.
Having forgotten this gentleman's name, I must beg leave to distinguish him by means of a letter of the alphabet.
heard in the words, "I beg your pardon," and it is not consistent with
Fearing that I had offended I was about to apologize and beg him to think no more about the matter, when looking me calmly in the eyes he said: