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Casting about for ways and means of dissolving the connexion without loss of money, reproaching himself for having been betrayed into an avowal of his secret, and complimenting himself beyond measure on his purely accidental good luck, he beguiled the distance between Clerkenwell and the mansion of the Golden Dustman.
Ogg's were not beguiled by any wide speculative conceptions; but they had their favorite abstraction, called Society, which served to make their consciences perfectly easy in doing what satisfied their own egoism,--thinking and speaking the worst of Maggie Tulliver, and turning their backs upon her.
Kenn should be beguiled into marrying that Miss Tulliver
The veteran entertainer singled out girls who were mesmerised and beguiled by his fame and treated them as sexual objects that he could touch when he felt like it, Southwark Crown Court was told today.
When he's not engaging in acts of derring-do and impossibly keen marksmanship with his bow and arrows, he's flirtatiously circling 12th-century riot grrl Marion (Lucy Griffiths), who, in one of the series' more tiresome conceits, is alternately beguiled and repelled by Robin's advances.
He is beguiled by her beauty and willing to allow her one more day before claiming her if she will finish the story she has started to tell him and name her true love.
Kaye Donachie, clearly beguiled by the place, or at least its myth, captures hazy, ecstatic scenes from its chronicles, basing her compositions on images from the community's heyday.
Beguiled, the big-city lesbians rent a temporary place in Garrison, and Bounds finds herself becoming part of Guinan's family.
Sarah Smith said she had been studying for her finals when she met the alleged con man and was beguiled with tales of undercover subterfuge and IRA killings.
And although some firms may be attracted to these apparent sublet bargains, they can, in reality, find they have been beguiled by false economies.
Appearing at the National Press Club prior to the president's speech, Karzai beguiled the cynical international press corps with his charm, intelligence, and "animal magnetism.
The book draws on Massingill's own experiences to illustrate the ways in which well-meaning people can be beguiled by false spiritual guidance.