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The situation of intellectual uncertainty--hesitation--about the land is reinforced by numerous images and metaphors: "rumour," 'seductive word," "many layers of beguilement," all suggesting not only false/uncertain knowledge but also illusion and secrecy.
They assumed, that is, that government beguilement is no more an excuse than serpent.
The strictures on the admissibility of evidence are designed in part to protect laymen from beguilement and inflammation by sharp lawyering, but they serve also to complicate trials and are thus a source of added cost.
6 We could do the same for teacher education, teaching, and the schools if it were not for our beguilement with the mythology of school reform.
Such ignorance can also make people susceptible to the politics of fear, to the beguilement of leaders and to an auction block approach to electioneering by our political parties.
There may have been some extrinsic factor in my beguilement, which I am certain owed nothing to our common Arab background -- his, Lebanese Christian; mine, Egyptian Moslem.
Even the Act II divertissements don't stray from home, as they concern ornaments from the Christmas tree, or, with special beguilement, a sleepwalking episode that Isberg cleverly sets on the Arabian music, or three mice in red pointe shoes delicately competing to the music of the Marzipan Shepherdesses.
She is afraid--she reiterates this fact with incredible verbal variety; she screams and shudders in quite a fascinating way albeit expressive of deadly terror; reassured in some degree by the persuasive eloquence of the useful beau she places one delicate little boot on the rough bark for a moment, then draws it back and vows she can never never cross; she clings to the suffering beau's tightly-gloved hands in the most nipping way--but these little blandishments are not for the beguilement of the useful beau; she regards the useful beau no more than a stock or stone; they are practiced because Mr [no period after the abbreviation] Upish with his scornful nez Grec and blond whiskers is watching the proceeding from the opposite bank.
The introduction suggests Jamesian possibilities of stylistic beguilement in store, raising questions of 'shades' of meaning and images of the 'late' James of the Prefaces haunting his own house of fiction as a tenderly revisiting ghost.
Francis dedicate early chapters to fantasies about Francis' assumed beguilement with a beauteous Clare of 15, reminding me of Grimm's fairy tales.
It contrasts with the "square" and other-directed mentality of beguilement by social convention, unaware of the relativity of right and wrong, of the mutual necessity of capitalism and communism to each other's existence, of the inner identity of puritanism and lechery, or of, say, the alliance of church lobbies and organized crime to maintain the laws against gambling.