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It is against this backdrop that Little Island Comics emerged in 2011, spun off from The Beguiling Books & Art.
Wales is the most beguiling corner of a cynical and disunited Britain, according to one of the most popular sources of travel information.
The Rough Guide to Wales, published alongside the Rough Guide to Britain, describes the nation as 'the most beguiling part of the British Isles'.
Intimate details are mixed with world events in a beguiling way, based in large part on letters and notes left by Florence herself.
From a supposition of the first guitarist in America (a Spanish solider named Juan Garcia y Talvarea, 1576) to jazz, blues and rock, these chapters contain some of the most beguiling stories about the instrument, its players, promoters and other assorted personages.
6" section of the article that "By beguiling conservatives [emphasis mine] into supporting the accord on the pre-text of 'free trade,' they have a much better chance of getting it through Congress.
Charlaine Harris has created a charming, beguiling and sometimes unsafe alternate Earth where the creatures of the night are both sexy and dangerous, sometimes at the same time.
Beguiling locations, from the Washington coast to the ranch land of the B.
In "It's the Way You Are," a beguiling, radio-ripe effort on Curtis's latest CD, Dreaming in Romance Languages, the Saco, Maine-bred singer-guitarist admits, "You are everything I could never be," a gushing, blushing compliment that could be voiced by virtually anyone in love.
It contains many beguiling images, enjoy these, but please read it for its deeper messages about the processes that are at play in the modern city and how these affect the way people may live.
Finding a way that is beguiling and amusing and memorable enough to make people reflect on the message is more tricky.
has written 'The Beguiling Spirits' which recounts his ten-year spiritual battle to extricate himself from the grip of a cult-like church.