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I will continue on the journey I have begun. I plan to continue my reading and working on methods and research for improving data collection and anecdotal record keeping of my students.
Swiss International Air Lines has begun installing new lighter-weight Recaro seats in 11 A320s.
On average, both men and women had begun having intercourse at age 16, had had 4.3 partners during the previous year and had had 1.4 partners during the previous month.
Yet Goldstein is already renowned among his peers and has begun to make a lot of money; too.
Onward Kashiyama has developed a brand called "Jane Moore" specifically for women in their late 50s and 60s, and has begun moving away from the old, dull "Mrs" clothes.
Important development of specifically African theologies had already begun in the 1970s within the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians.
The inevitable centerpiece of this show was the most extensive presentation to date of Prendergast's series of pencil drawings of all of the world's capital cities, begun in 1992 and now part of the collection of the Irish Museum of Modem Art.
Fishing nations and international agencies have begun to open dialogue at meetings of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to consider global reductions and target fleet sizes.
Once fertilization is complete, the egg does not exist and pregnancy has begun. What does exist is the single cell human zygote, the beginning of the embryonic stage of growth of a genetically unique male or female human being.
263A-2(a)(3)(ii), which states that, if property is held for future production, taxpayers must capitalize direct and indirect costs allocable to such property, even though production has not begun. If property is not held for future production, indirect costs incurred prior to the production period must be allocated to the property and capitalized if, at the time the costs are incurred, it is "reasonably likely" that production will occur at some future date.
Many revolutions have begun with attempts by the old authorities to replace a moderate reformist government.
Tip 3: Children who have just begun playing soccer should never be forced to play if they don't want to.