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In this ambitious book Norvin Richards analyzes the ethics of parent-child relationships from conception to death--from questions about who has the right to parent a child to what sacrifices dying parents should let their children make on their behalves.
Karen Carins, chairman of Stannington Parish Council, said: "Residents rely on us to work with outside bodies, on their behalves, to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
Directors Chen Jinhang, Hu Shengmu, Liang Yongpan, Cao Xin and Guan Tiangang were unable to attend the Meeting in person due to business engagements, and they had authorised Directors Wu Jing, Wu Jing, Ying Xuejun, Cai Shuwen and Liu Haixia respectively, to attend the Meeting and vote on their behalves.
It seems they rely instead on their companies' corporate accounts spreading the PR message on their behalves.
As the next Part will explain, NCE investors regularly appoint "constituency directors" who are expected to act as their representatives on the board and exercise residual control over the corporation on their behalves.
Voice Group can deal with all leads on clients' behalves in its own dedicated call centres or alternatively it can transfer them over to clients directly.
Throughout the years, Partner Cammarata has helped numerous victims and families, and has helped the firm recover over $250 million in compensation on their behalves.
70) Versilov, the post-Christian humanitarian, with his admission that humans are "vile," exemplifies the hidden self-torment and the secret vengefulness when he indicates that one can do good on others' behalves only by "clenching your feelings, holding your nose, and shutting your eyes (this last is necessary).
In a world of global migration, multiple identities and fast-moving change, Scotland's destiny is not to retreat into 19th century solutions but to shape a 21st century one, not only on our own behalves, but as an inspiration to all the peoples of the world.
For example, the Dodd-Frank Act gave the SEC authority to promulgate a number of rules in addition to proxy access on this same premise, such as requiring a shareholder advisory vote on executive compensation (98) and prohibiting broker-dealer discretionary voting on clients' behalves.