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IV 2010) (amending section 6(b) of the Exchange Act to require that the rules of each national securities exchange prohibit any broker-dealer from voting on its clients' behalves in certain shareholder votes); see also Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of a Proposed Rule Change to Amend NYSE Rule 452 and Listed Company Manual Section 402.
2400 by themselves and press club will not made any payment on there behalves.
Sir Bernard believes the new business is well set to help firms benefit further with his help in the Midlands and his son, who was educated at Solihull School and Brunel University and now runs a financial services business in Washington, working on their behalves in the US.
Honig also expresses this sentiment for a new form of citizenship and democracy that does not revolve around that nation-state, one "that seeks, instead, to multiply the sites of affect, coordination, and organization that move people into (and sometimes out of) politics on their own behalves and on behalf of others" (40).
From their multipaper research compendium, Paolo Remagnino, a Kingston University faculty member specializing in computing, information systems, and mathematics, and Daniel Shapiro from Stanford University's Computational Learning Lab concluded that users are looking for their IT departments to "endow an environment with the computational power sufficient to sense its inhabitants and to interpret their actions and interactions in order to anticipate their needs, supply them with necessary information, and/or to act on their behalves.
Indeed, STEALTH attempts to foster what it calls the "collectively authored city," inspiring different interest groups to rise up and speak on their own behalves.
And on both our behalves, I dreaded what awaited the next patron.
be considered a provisional note of resignation as faculty members on all our behalves.
Through the work of women's organizations and NGOs, today Kurdish women realize that they can give power to other women to battle for their rights and speak on their behalves," explained Haji.
Winds will suddenly arise also when Ana Wa sacrifice water buffalo or perform other major rites, and on their own behalves or for the benefit of others, Wind People can perform a rite, involving the sacrifice of a fowl, to cause excessively strong winds to subside.
52) If collective action is really the problem, unions are well equipped to advocate on players' behalves, particularly given the unions' longstanding concern for the health of their members.
The reality is it is going to take some effort on all people's behalves.