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After controlling for characteristics such as gender, language, and education, they found that age was the only factor that affected the ability to behave randomly.
"If they are being recognised as well behaved, then that's always a good thing as it makes them want to continue to behave positively.
In such situations, the only way to get along is to strive to behave in a manner acceptable to the people around you.
The contacts they've signed include the clauses: Not to behave in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to anyone attending football matches Not to behave in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to anyone travelling on the rail network To comply with the pub-lished 'ground regulations' and directions given by Stewards and club employees when attending Football Fixtures at the Keys Park, Hednesford.
Yes, there will be always girls who think its 'cool' to behave like they behave.
Chisora said: "Right now I am behaving myself, after the fight I will try to behave myself but in the ring I'm not going to behave myself."
IT goes without saying that all adult passengers have a duty to behave properly and responsibly while on board an aircraft.
ISTANBUL, October 11, 2011(TUR) - Turkish exporters expect the Central Bank to behave in a proactive way if foreign exchange rates go down again.
Also, it is an opportunity for our children to try new foods one of our recent excursions was to a Lebanese restaurant--and learn how to behave politely and respectfully in a more formal environment.
" The CM has been telling her ministers, MLAs and officers to behave themselves and maintain decorum.
"How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves" is a guide to dog behavior for a more harmonious relationship between pet and master.
A 65-YEAR-OLD bus driver who takes children to and from schools in Cardiff said he has been forced to pull over to tell kids to behave before he has been able to drive on safely.