behave towards

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Consequently, if ever you come again into any room in this house, you will make a short stay in it if you don't behave towards that lady in your most respectful manner.
But he had a fiendish desire to break down their scruples, he wanted to know how abominably they could behave towards him; if he tempted them a little more they would yield, and he took a fierce joy at the thought of their dishonour.
Can you guess how he will be likely to behave towards his flatterers and his supposed parents, first of all during the period when he is ignorant of the false relation, and then again when he knows?
I made up my mind to speak to Dora about this; and one day when we were out walking (for we were licensed by Miss Lavinia, after a while, to go out walking by ourselves), I said to her that I wished she could get them to behave towards her differently.
Next day Smilash obtained from his wife a promise that she would behave towards Agatha as if the letter had given no offence.
Daylight found a big quarrel on his hands with a world that wouldn't let a man behave toward his stenographer after the way of all men and women.
How does it become a man to behave toward this American government to-day?
This is such a cruel way to behave towards animals that have given so much.
Summary: How economies and markets behave towards this change is big unknown
The real story here is how "The real story here is how " MRC behave towards " MRC behave towards businesses and individuals.
Judge Rhys Rowlands, sitting at Mold Crown Court told him: "I have no doubt at all that sexually, you have no concept how you ought to behave towards others.