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Well, I shall see how they behave to me this evening; we shall meet them at the rooms.
I wish, Cassy," said Legree, "you'd behave yourself decently.
He could scarcely read, wrote even his name with difficulty, and he had a violent temper which sometimes made him behave like a crazy man--tore him all to pieces and actually made him ill.
How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves" is a guide to dog behavior for a more harmonious relationship between pet and master.
When an army of personal trainers exists solely to help Julia Roberts work off last night's dessert, the fat suit provides a way for actors to show themselves doing the one thing they can't do" eating to excess, behaving the way they think their audience behaves.
Water behaves in this same unusual way, but over only a narrow pressure range.
However, we do come to care about Matt and Tom, to empathize with Matt, and to understand why he behaves and feels the way he does.
Hence, his book is full of insights that help explain why Pyongyang behaves as it does--and possible clues to how to make it behave better.
The fact that the velocity ratio--the ratio of velocity at the centerline to the bulk velocity--increases with increasing viscosity demonstrates that the fiber-liquid suspension behaves more like a viscous liquid as viscosity increases.
Albert Bandura (1977, 1986) labelled this phenomenon "reciprocal interaction," and described it as a process involving the following series of events: a person behaves in a certain way; this causes a response in his/her immediate environment; the person then reacts to the response or cue from his/her environment with another behavior.
As far as how a CEO leads, many believe that leadership means establishing sound company policies and ensuring that every employee behaves in ways consistent with those policies.