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And I should never have known that ladies and gentlemen didn't behave like that if you hadn't been there.
When a man falls from a precipice or slips on a piece of orange peel, his body behaves as if it were devoid of life.
Far as he was from being capable of rational reflection at that moment, he felt that no one would behave like that with a person who was going to be arrested.
He could scarcely read, wrote even his name with difficulty, and he had a violent temper which sometimes made him behave like a crazy man--tore him all to pieces and actually made him ill.
I wish, Cassy," said Legree, "you'd behave yourself decently.
They were so serious and so strange that she could not remember how to behave.
But as for General Tilney, I assure you it would be impossible for anybody to behave to me with greater civility and attention; it seemed to be his only care to entertain and make me happy.
It seemed hardly worth while to read a long volume in order to learn that you ought to behave exactly like everybody else.
Flies like to be treated politely as well as other creatures, and here in Oz they understand what we say to them, and behave very nicely.
But the question is not if we will behave, but if you will behave?
To have you behave as you are doing, and want to behave differently," she cried.
For the Emperor was fond of Dorothy's little dog, and the girl explained to her friends that in Oz all animals were treated with as much consideration as the people--"if they behave themselves," she added.