behavior pattern

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I believe DRM should actually encourage that behavior pattern.
Audiences will ignore the disclosures the same way they're increasingly ignoring (or TIVoing past) commercials--the same behavior pattern that's driving the move toward product placement in the first place.
It represents once again a behavior pattern found in all infants but may vary from one newborn to another; extreme variations from the expected model should be noted and observed closely from month to month.
He just has a bizarre behavior pattern,'' Jackson said.
One of several motivational factors reported to influence exercise, and to have a profound effect on exercise adherence is the Type A behavior pattern (Pargman & Green, 1990).
Booth-Kewley and Friedman (1987) suggested that hostility and anger were the only toxic components of the Type A behavior pattern.
The type A behavior pattern in children and adolescents: Assessment, development, and associated coronary-risk.
The judge said he has been demonstrating a bizarre behavior pattern ever since he has been convicted,'' said Assistant U.
Exposure to the main ingredient of polycarbonate plastics can modify brain formation in female mouse fetuses and make the lab animals, later in life, display a typically male behavior pattern, scientists have announced.
For our residents who were chemically restrained, the psychiatrist recommended changes in any aspect of the residents' environment that might impact a negative behavior pattern.
And it appears there was a similar, tragic behavior pattern of overconfidence, even arrogance, on the part of those who operate and oversee these systems in both countries.

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