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Behavioral objectives should not be designed to be so small as to be trivial.
Further, it is impossible from a perspective in critical pedagogy to conceive of a genuinely "black education" that does not articulate specific, carefully detailed syllabi, classroom exercises, filmographies, behavioral objectives, parent-teacher organizing strategies, and ideological mappings of school-board/black-student-body relationships.
This instructional program includes behavioral objectives that concentrate on the development of the nurse's role as caregiver, teacher and manager of care.
An OBM approach involves (a) specification of standards for workers guided by strong behavioral objectives linked to long term agency objectives and treatment objectives tailored to the needs of the particular child in which they serve (b) measurement, particularly measures of compliance and treatment integrity (c) monitoring and feedback systems that reward appropriate behavior and offer corrective feedback and training to lessen performance discrepancies.
They learn ways to conduct brief interviews that help teachers establish goals and strong behavioral objectives as well as develop specific interventions to achieve those objectives.

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