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Most military learning today is an excellent example of behaviourist pedagogy.
Systematic training design, training objectives, programmed learning, computer-based training and competencies are all grounded in behaviourist learning theory.
This full-fledged vision of behaviourist explanation found its apologists in the formal efforts at precise quantitative predictions of Clark Hull's hypothetical-deductive postulate system, and the enterprising behavioural technologies exemplified in B.
Where Murray's behaviourist reading of Hamlet's character provides more fruitful insights is in his analysis of 'the possible reinforcing consequences of antic behaviour' and what he calls Hamlet's 'bitterly narrow perspective' (p.
If this doesn't work, you may need the help of a reputable behaviourist.
Tick, a tiny terrier, needs a very special home used to terriers with attitude and willing to work with a behaviourist.
Irene had drafted in the help of an animal behaviourist to help the dog adjust to home life again after their ordeal.
Anyone is welcome, there will be a veterinary surgeon, a pet behaviourist and a pet dog trainer there to give advice.
Ely helped out in a point-to-point yard at 15, and spent time at an equine behaviourist yard, before entering her first racing stable with Mullins 18 months ago.
Many believe their stress is behind things like stomach upsets, weightappetite and fur loss and lethargy Pet behaviourist Dr Roger Mugford said: " Dogs are social creatures who need the contact of humans or other animals.
DOG behaviourist Bob Haynes is a familiar figure to many people, working with the RSPCA and the NCDL in advising prospective owners how to handle a new dog.
The Queen was "very upset" and turned for help to animal behaviourist Dr Roger Mugford, a regular on the TV show Britain's Worst Pet, the Daily Express reported.