behind bars

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A drug addict who stole a charity box stayed behind bars so he could beat his killer addiction, Teesside Crown Court heard.
Furious fellow inmates claim the London's Burning star - freed early on Friday - breezed through his seven weeks behind bars after getting an easy ride from staff.
At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Judge John Evans sentenced her to two-and-ahalf years behind bars.
When sentenced, the judge told Lindsay she would have to go to rehab after serving her time behind bars.
She had faced the death penalty in Laos until she got pregnant behind bars.
Because the longer they spend behind bars, the better for everyone.
Kenneth Butcher was put behind bars in Australia and, after serving his sentence, was deported back to the United Kingdom, Richard Martin, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court.
She later drew a cult following in the 1980s as a foul-mouthed lesbian in the Los Angeles musical, ``Women Behind Bars.
The 26-year-old former girlfriend of double child killer Ian Huntley applied to be let out with an electronic tag and a night-time curfew but was told by prisons chief Martin Narey that she must stay behind bars.
8-8:30PM Pros & Cons (Hosted by Nancy Grace and Greg Jarrett) 8:30-9PM Johnnie Cochran Tonight 9-10PM Homicide: Life on the Street "The Gas Man" After six years behind bars for installing a defective gas heater that killed an entire family, Victor Helms is released from prison.
Padgett, who was before the court for breaching a community order for causingcriminal damage, assaulting a police officerand being drunk and disorderly, and a further offence of being drunk and disorderly, was warned: "The road you aregoing down you will end up behind bars.
In their annual report they maintained a lack of facilities gives inmates little hope of rehabilitation while behind bars.