behind bars

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I call on the authorities to release all journalists who remain behind bars, including Yusuf Ruzimurodov, Bobomurod Abdullaev, Gayrat Mikhliboev and Khayot (Khan) Nasreddinov.
Those who break prison rules will face tough punishments, including extra time behind bars.
He is facing Christmas behind bars without anyone, he isn't expecting any visitors.
On Wednesday, Davision, of Leamington Street, in Sunderland, was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for burglary at Newcastle Crown Court, meaning he will spend Christmas behind bars.
The report lists Turkey, China and Egypt as countries that lead the park with highest number of its newsmen behind bars.
A PATTERN of sex crime allegations wasn't enough to keep Edward Hunter behind bars.
com/dance-moms-alum-abby-lee-miller-audition-dancers-while-behind-bars-2564684) READ: Abby Lee Miller will still hold audition behind bars
Instead of seeing Taliban behind bars, instead seeing good Taliban, instead of seeing bad Taliban behind bars, instead of seeing the facilitators behind bars, instead of seeing financers behind bars, we see Dr Asim of Pakistan People Party from Karachi behind the bars, chairman PPP said while talking to media outside the JPMC where had come to inquire the health of ailing Dr Asim Hussain.
He was found guilty in his absence of conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis, and sentenced to 22 years behind bars in September 2012.
MURDERED Lynsey Quy's family is urging people to sign a petition to keep her killer husband behind bars.
A BUNGLING burglar who was caught out after leaving his hat at a crime scene is back behind bars.
A new documentary series will explore the methods staff at Polmont use to rehabilitate offenders aged between 18 and 21, as well as following their day-today life behind bars.