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The analysis of central projects in the report also revealed that in the past 18 years, the percentage of projects running behind schedule has reduced marginally -- from 62 per cent to 51 per cent.
Last night a Welsh Assembly spokeswoman confirmed repairs were behind schedule.
She will still have an entry in the Guineas but she's behind schedule and it will be a race against time to get her fit and ready.
The work is behind schedule and has been for months, hence the letters from Mr Steve Stride to supporters in October and November apologising for delay after delay.
The spokesman said the extension was 'entirely precautionary' and the film, which began shooting in and around Gloucester last September, is not behind schedule.
s own tasks had fallen unacceptably behind schedule.
VENUES for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are running behind schedule, according to watchdogs.
17, dispelling some fears that many of the games were running behind schedule.
Airbus on Tuesday delayed deliveries of the world's largest passenger jet by another year, leaving it two years behind schedule, because of wiring installation problems.
Ryanair said that as a result of a strike in Boeing in September and October, all of the airline's aircraft deliveries are a month behind schedule.
Cecil has already intimated that his team is behind schedule and the pair's participation in the Sagitta 1,000 Guineas will hinge on how they come on in their work in the remaining weeks up to May 5.
HUNDREDS of Nuneaton schoolchildren are being given an extended summer holiday - because work on their new "superschool" is behind schedule.