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BLAZING A TRAIL: Claire Miller (left) and Kam Mann try on fire helmets during the first Behind the Scenes visits.
Behind the Scenes becomes, then, among other things, a means by which Keckley can go public with her anger.
The exhibition will allow everyone to see what life is like behind the scenes, and how what they see on stage is brought to life.
It was a special opportunity for the employees, too, who were happy to demonstrate what they do - all too often behind the scenes and unheralded.
The production will feature more than 160 students from kindergarten to eighth grade on stage, with more working behind the scenes.
Similar games are being played behind the scenes in drawing up new boundaries for members of the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
com will also stream its own additional exclusive footage of the behind the scenes moments with the bands as they battle their way through the various stages of the dynamic contest.
Wallpaper Award: Tie between Kathy Lively and Loren Burghout, both of whom spent countless hours volunteering behind the scenes of productions.
LDI 2006 will provide professionals who work behind the scenes in theaters, concerts, churches, corporate events, film and other performance applications worldwide with the latest professional tools and techniques, as well as opportunities to interface with the world's top companies and designers.
Chief Legislative Analyst Ron Deaton - widely considered the most powerful nonelected city government official in Los Angeles - sought to dispel the notion Monday that he has been been working behind the scenes to stymie San Fernando Valley secession efforts.
The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach has been showing visitors undersea wonders for the past three years and now is inviting the public behind the scenes to witness how it's done.