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cried the gentlemen behind the scenes, as she steadily trampled down one blunder after another.
Miss Garth left her when the overture began, sitting apart in a corner behind the scenes, serious and silent, with her smelling-bottle in one hand, and her book in the other, resolutely training herself for the coming ordeal, to the very last.
I oughtn't to have spoken--but I happen to know, being more or less behind the scenes.
They said that a gentleman farmer, who was behind the scenes, wanted to double his money, which, as I understood, amounted to half a million already; but in order to cover each one of his dollars with another, he took off the only coat, ay, the skin itself, of Walden Pond in the midst of a hard winter.
On the first night I was at the theatre, the horrid old Jew came round to the box after the performance was over and offered to take me behind the scenes and introduce me to her.
But to he sure that was a sight behind the scenes, which nobody saw, and which nobody was meant to see.
He was one of the chief assistances of that secret government whom Napoleon's luck send behind the scenes in 1793.
Until I have found that last link in my chain, I must remain behind the scenes.
Some, like the husband of Madame Colleville, Celestine's rival, play in the orchestra of a theatre; others like du Bruel, write vaudeville, comic operas, melodramas, or act as prompters behind the scenes.
The display, entitled Behind the Scenes in Stratford, will be staged at The Other Place theatre from April 30 to May 24.
Behind the scenes, the company is searching for a replacement for longtime executive director Elvi Moore, who announced her resignation.
While the "72 Hours To Victory: Behind The Scenes With Bill Clinton" is a one-hour special, "Inauguration 1993" is currently being edited and is expected to contain at least 90 minutes of coverage.