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Mohammed Salem, Manager for Behind the Scenes said, "Behind the Scenes is a platform established in 2015 under His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment (SME) specialty in Media production services, event management and exhibitions.
"There's a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes which you probably can't see and which isn't necessarily showing, but hopefully in the second half of the season it will show."
Ed King's Mississippi: Behind the Scenes of Freedom Summer features more than forty unpublished black-and-white photographs and substantial writings by civil rights activist Ed King.
puppets of Georgian ex-Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili,, who, in their opinion, will govern the country from behind the scene.
Her recollections of these intimate moments make up a substantial portion of Behind the Scenes.
WAR ROOM: THE LEGACY OF BILL BELICHICK AND THE ART OF BUILDING THE PERFECT TEAM is for any collection strong in NFL football history and culture, and probes behind the scenes of three NFL teams and into the minds of Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, among others.
The three-and-a-half hour, $150 guided All Access Tour will take guests through the back of the house shipboard areas that include stops at the bridge, galley, engine control room, and even behind the scenes look at the main theater.
The HuTube camera returned to go behind the scenes for Evan Smith's interviews with Rick Perry and Bill White.
THE set of hit S4C show Rownd a Rownd will open to the public for fans to take a glimpse behind the scenes.
TRAVELIN' MAN: ON THE ROAD AND BEHIND THE SCENES WITH BOB SEGER offers a fine foreword by John Mellencamp and offers a coverage by an author who spent more than ten years in the Bob Seger camp working as his tour manager and photographing his gigs.
Whatever is happening behind the scenes is not working, whether that's Maradona's fault or political interference only the Argentinian FA know.
"Travelin' Man: On the Road and Behind the Scenes With Bob Seger" by the team of writer and photographer Tom Weschler and music journalist Gary Graff is a superbly illustrated history of musician Bob Seger's career.