behind time

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Is it uncommon for the best ocean steamers to be two or three days behind time? But a single delay would suffice to fatally break the chain of communication; should Phileas Fogg once miss, even by an hour; a steamer, he would have to wait for the next, and that would irrevocably render his attempt vain.
And then they all got down, and shook hands with the old boy, and asked him to all parts of the country, to their homes; and we drives off twenty minutes behind time, with cheering and hollering as if we was county 'members.
'It strikes me,' remarked Eugene coolly, after watching him for some minutes, 'that my friend is likely to be rather behind time if he has any appointment on hand.' With which remark he strolled on, and took no further thought of him.
Next morning I awoke from prolonged and sound repose with the impression that I was yet in X , and perceiving it to be broad daylight I started up, imagining that I had overslept myself and should be behind time at the counting-house.
However, South Sudan's information and broadcasting minister has described the report as "untrue", adding that its contents clearly shows the campaign group "is behind time".
Quinz is still a novice as he was unconvincing in his first spell over fences but he is a transformed individual this term, winning at Exeter and Ascot before Christmas and running respectably at Cheltenham behind Time For Rupert.
"Awkward shapes in the garden meant we were behind time with the planting, but it all turned out well."
He's always behind time. He has to make his way using white lies and the gift of the gab.
Evidenced by the many national and international tributes that flowed in after news of his death, Professor Peter Cullen achieved what he'd hoped for: getting the message through to all Australians, in an accessible way, that more intelligent water and river management is an overriding national priority, running behind time.
When the creative genius behind Time magazine was in grade school, he told his family, "I'm going to put out a magazine ...
The new Wembley Stadium is running yet further behind time and will not be completed until after September - a development that was as predictable as England's early exit in Germany.
Surprisingly, registration fees were fourth behind time of year and dates of the meeting.