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However, I hope you will excuse the two or three seconds I am behindhand; five hundred leagues are not to be accomplished without some trouble, and especially in France, where, it seems, it is forbidden to beat the postilions."
They seemed, however, very well pleased, and all joined in the chorus of the seamen's songs: but the manner in which they were invariably a little behindhand was quite ludicrous.
Sedley was writing cards for a party; the Osbornes had given one, and she must not be behindhand; John Sedley, who had come home very late from the City, sate silent at the chimney side, while his wife was prattling to him; Emmy had gone up to her room ailing and low-spirited.
Nor was Podder behindhand in earning laurels wherewith to garnish himself and Muggleton.
Yap, feeling the withering influence of this scorn, tucked his tail in and shrank close to Tom's leg, who felt a little hurt for him, but had not the superhuman courage to seem behindhand with Bob in contempt for a dog who made so poor a figure.
But since he is so much behindhand, I will give him a remembrancer myself!"
The under-house-maids declared they were all behindhand and had not a minute to spare -- they suggested, not too civilly, that old Mazey had nothing on earth to do, and that he knew the house as well, or better, than he knew his A B C.
The ocean, not to be behindhand with the earth, yielded up her mighty whales, that Mr.
Berdan includes the following comment: "...I am now informed that the business of [the firearms] branch of the Patent Office is some five months behindhand ...".
At their return, red carpet is laid to welcome them at airport while hypocritical Pastors and Imams invoke the Supreme Being to elongate them so that the nation can be behindhand perpetually.
It is this challenge that most African children face on daily basis in schools where they spend many years struggling with language acquisition while the acquisition of subject-related knowledge remains behindhand. A clear distinction has to be made between a child at an entry level whose native language is the language of education and the other child who uses that language both for scientific and communication purposes- that is to say, the two are exposed to processes of learning which are mutually exclusive.
Or to be the effect of a behindhand technical level of agriculture, which delayed the historical evolution of common property Romanian Village?