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All morning Sir Nigel rode in a very ill-humor, with his Company tramping behind him.
Let us have a look at what lies behind those ruined walls.
At eight in the evening they left the lake behind and entered the mouth of the Lewes River.
As the pursued and the pursuer raced madly toward the distant forest the battle behind them raged with bloody savageness.
After a short time it became apparent that the African was trying to find out what was behind the heavy door.
As soon as the girl was assured of this, she came from behind the cask.
This time I was pitted against men--the spear told me that all too plainly--but so long as they didn't take me unawares or from behind I had little fear of them.
As I touched the ground I snatched a broken limb from the tangled mass that matted the jungle-like floor of the forest and, leaping unnoticed behind the shaggy back, dealt the brute a terrific blow.
You walk ahead and I'll walk immediately behind you
Down they went toward the pits beneath the structure, and at a safe distance behind I followed the flicker of their torch.
With the flat of my sword I struck down his polluting hand; and grasping Dejah Thoris round the waist, I swung her behind me as, with my back against the draperies of the dais, I faced the tyrant of the north and his roomful of noble warriors.
Stepan Arkadyevitch's figure again went behind the bush, and Levin saw nothing but the bright flash of a match, followed by the red glow and blue smoke of a cigarette.