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Andrew Ing, chief operating officer of The Lo & Behold Group, said: "We are proud of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and responsible consumption, which includes animal welfare in our supply chain.
We are able to behold artistic works that summarize and articulate facets of existence that we can comprehend.
Prior to your BIBR feature, we have seen ourselves listed in articles, with our media coverage in fragments here and there; but never before in our 15-year modern-day publishing history have we seen ourselves listed as one--our strength and numbers for all to behold.
Toussaint, a pastor of more than twenty years and a senior professor emeritus of Bible exposition, presents Behold the King: A Study of Matthew, a scrutiny of the gospel of Matthew that traces Matthew's thoughts about the foundation of Christianity.
In the beginning stages, the proprietors of Behold Me L.
A vision that does not stop at the conventional boundaries of architecture, but which deliberately transgresses into biological phenomena and those of the universe--a fascinating spectrum to behold.
Spanning a range of styles, from incorporating Native American elements to neo-classical decor to stark simplicity verging on modern art, these dwellings are breathtaking to behold and evoke a variety sentiments connected to different aspects of daily life in the Southwest.
This was a man with a vision who started with nothing and who, through hard work and enterprise, built a family owned company that today is something to behold.
Billy, an engaging and somewhat innocent hero, is hospitalized with wounds that are horrible to behold and impossible to explain.
The exterior," says Bentley, "will be something to behold since it will reflect the sweeping design of the performing arts center with a central spine that supports the architect's signature use of glass and copper.
As with any maple, Acer macrophyllum is a delight to behold in its natural state, and it was certainly in a very natural state when first beheld by Lewis and Clark.
Accomplished performances of these studies are a joy to behold, as the listener first encounters Godowsky's ingenious arrangement of familiar material as well as the performer's musical and technical prowess.