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HSI supports companies like The Lo & Behold Group throughout the world in the implementation of their animal welfare policies by providing technical resources and trainings on cage-free egg production.
Implementing agency : Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Office of Education Department of Education behold Middle School
Instead, it is a further indictment to the failure of architects and planners to create buildings which are a pleasure to behold and do something to enhance the built environment.
To watch him making ground on horses at full stretch when he appears to be barely out of trotting speed is a sight to behold, and as long as he gets from one side to the other next month it's hard to see him beaten.
Just to get you in the spirits this Halloween, the band are offering fans a quick peep of their new video for Behold from their third single release, double A side Behold/Dead I Well May Be, filmed at a toothtremblingly haunted former mental asylum.
Lo and behold, Beeula taps the Magic Sceptre three times and says the magic words,"Let everyone know the magic of Halloween" and magic dust brings along candy corn, rose colored glasses, a black cat costume for Pumpkin-Puss, Beeula's Halloween-challenged cat, pumpkin flashlights, trick or treat bags, and a huge black owl named Hootie
1 : causing marvel : marvelous <It was a sight wonderful to behold.
We have it all on Wirral shores Modern architecture Old world villages and more Views over Liverpool Wales, and the Irish Sea Birkenhead Park in all its glory New Brighton front A sight to behold West Kirby and Hoy lake Both beaches, pure gold Topping it all are the Wirral folk When down at heel Still smile and joke Wirral is my home Future and past I love Wirral Long may she last.
Lo and behold, another has just popped up on eBay with a starting bid of EUR50,000.
Our ability to hear is made possible by way of a Rube Goldberg-style process in which sound vibrations entering the ear shake and jostle a successive chain of structures until, lo and behold, they are converted into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the brain.
But for it to honestly encapsulate the entirety of our human condition, the humanist belief system must open its doors to the inherent need to create, express, and behold the beauty put forth in poetry, song, painting, and other artistic media.