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The captain owed nothing to any of these fop-makers in his dress, nor was his person much more beholden to nature.
"Beholden, say you!" rejoined the other drawing his sword; "then by my faith you shall e'en repay your score.
"Goodness knows, Uncle Pumblechook," said my sister (grasping the money), "we're deeply beholden to you."
"I don't like my children going and making themselves beholden to strange kin," murmured he.
I was not beholden to them for anything, and when I slipped out there was not one of them to drop me a line and say, 'How are you, old man?
We are still beholden to things outside of our control, and that's the Portal Bridge, it's the Gateway Tunnel, it's largely federal stuff.
According to The Star, he said this was to ensure that his effort was fully independent and to avoid being beholden to any party.
Set just before the Arab Spring, this intricate and passionately penned novel shows that the love you choose may be true, but we are all beholden to the long threads of fate.
The Balanga prelate also expressed hope that the SC will be independent and that the new CJ wont be beholden to anyone.
Summary: US President Donald Trump lecturing Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Germany being beholden to Russia came as a surprise on Wednes...
In the latest news (as of this writing), Iowa's governor has signed a bill to create "health benefit plans," a product distinct from "health insurance" and thus not beholden to the same ACA regulations.
When his plane is shot down over Tuscany, he's wounded and becomes beholden to Sofia, a woman who attends to him.