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The captain owed nothing to any of these fop-makers in his dress, nor was his person much more beholden to nature.
Goodness knows, Uncle Pumblechook," said my sister (grasping the money), "we're deeply beholden to you.
I don't like my children going and making themselves beholden to strange kin," murmured he.
I was not beholden to them for anything, and when I slipped out there was not one of them to drop me a line and say, 'How are you, old man?
I will not allow the government to be beholden to anyone except to the people,' he said of his rejection of P383 million in EU aid.
They must really be beholden to that country, but never mind.
Because all our leaders are beholden to the tycoons who give them millions of campaign funds and who lend them helicopters and airplanes.
He said nothing about a chancellor beholden to Northern Irish DUP votes, who would have a minority Tory government over a barrel.
They are beholden to the club for access to the players, told what they can say, interview only the select players and woe betide any reporting of a critical nature.
The turmoil embroiling Washington - brought on by the striking ascension of a block of newly-elected members who are beholden to the low-tax, small-government tea party wing of the Republican party - threatens to throw the US economy back into recession or worse if Congress cannot agree on raising the American debt limit by Tuesday.
The fact that the Lords were not beholden on party allegiance for their positions made them perfect watchdogs of the constitution.
Before we leave for our jobs, we are beholden to more than half the world.