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SECOND MESSENGER He cries, "Unbar the doors and let all Thebes Behold the slayer of his sire, his mother's--" That shameful word my lips may not repeat.
Though I cannot behold you, I must weep In thinking of the evil days to come, The slights and wrongs that men will put upon you.
Awestruck at the sight of the mysteries of the earth, thus unveiled before my unworthy eye, I said to my Companion, "Behold, I am become as a God.
It is impossible for an Englishman to behold these distant colonies, without a high pride and satisfaction.
For thine animals know it well, O Zarathustra, who thou art and must become: behold, THOU ART THE TEACHER OF THE ETERNAL RETURN,--that is now THY fate!
Behold, we know what thou teachest: that all things eternally return, and ourselves with them, and that we have already existed times without number, and all things with us.
So now again, as buoyantly as ever, he went forth to behold the likeness of the Great Stone Face.