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What's needed, he explains, are multiple checks of qualifications, adding that if nearly 30 percent of resumes contain false information (an unscientific, but widely held belief), "it would behoove any employer to double- and triple-check the information on an application, and really explore an individual's background.
It would behoove us to discover the source of this gas so that we can make better-informed decisions about what to do," agrees Stephen A.
Doesn't it behoove us, then, to refrain from pointing an accusing finger at this person we suspect of adultery, that person we suspect of embezzlement, or that person we suspect of sinning by homosexual acts?
So, from a practice management standpoint, it would seem to behoove practitioners to thoroughly document the support for controversial recommended positions and, if possible, emphasize in that documentation the authorities acceptable under IRS guidelines (see the chart on page 192), as opposed to the opinions of others.