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Finally, as to pro-bono obligations, the Enron scandal and other well-publicized accounting misfeasance or malfeasance have damaged the accounting profession's reputation in the public's eyes, which behooves CPAs to do what they can to restore the public's trust and admiration for the profession.
AS PARENTS, EDUCATORS, AND CHURCH LEADERS, IT behooves us to consider carefully the messages we're giving our children about war and patriotism.
Given the number of very expensive suits we have seen executing the perp walk on the news, it behooves those of us not presently in handcuffs to study the successes and failures of UK and US companies that have had some sort of impact, good and bad, on how both companies conduct themselves.
As such, is behooves the Christian community to consider her place in our individual lives.
But even if we posit with Harris that faith is itself "the enemy," then it behooves any tough-minded strategist to know tile enemy.
It behooves the reader to read the "Introduction" first, and the chapters in turn (not my usual style).
As student athletes, parents, teachers and physicians, it behooves us to explore these issues.
Being gay, black, politically active, and 57 years of age, it behooves me to remind the good reverend that he wouldn't be speaking at Harvard, or anywhere else for that matter, were it not for a gay black man named Bayard Rustin.
We think that it behooves us to share with Nicaragua our success [and] that we should share, as we are brother countries.
As Canadians living next door to the seats of power, it behooves us to understand this global endeavour.
Given that this little group of neoconservatives has captured the foreign and military policies of the United States, it behooves us to watch what they are saying now.