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Glyn, it really ill behoves you as something of gentleman among the Tories.
Pupils, of whatever age, learn by example, good or bad, and behoves anyone in a position of influence over others, to set only the highest standard in their words and actions.
It behoves Mr Rhodri Glyn Thomas to inform the people of Wales what these costs are before any meaningful debate can take place over future funding for the language.
IT ILL behoves me to mock the Italians and their sometimes poor grasp of English (I once ordered "pageone" in an Italian restaurant, not realising that the words "page" and "one" had simply been printed a little too close to each other on the menu), but the instructions I read on a packet of Italian-made cannelloni this week have to be seen to be believed:
It behoves of a man to put his blessings to proper use, by judicious control of the senses.
While I'm hardly surprised to hear anti-smoking campaigners ASH expounding this insubstantial propaganda, cherry picked from old American research, it ill behoves the government-funded BMA to jump so gleefully onto the bandwagon.
It behoves us all to ensure we base our true selves only on God.
I think it behoves Mr Trimble and his colleagues to have meetings with the Secretary of State and myself if they want this process to move ahead," he said.
If you or I wish to receive solace and comfort in our time of need, then it behoves us to give the same to others when their need is greatest.
It behoves all men and women of faith to bring faith to the honest doubters of this world.
As these are God's gifts,it behoves us all to be more senstitive and sensible both in our use and lack of use of our senses.
It behoves us all to endeavour to ``do our best'' and to ``do our duty,'' to God and to others.