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In chapter 4, 'Behove and Mister' (109-40), the author analyses the semantics, syntax and grammaticalization processes of the verbs behove (109-36) and mister (136-40), which, given its ephemeral presence in English, I will not summarize here.
They voted for roads, for daily wage employment, for other employments, food materials, which did not behove a community which turned out in hundred thousands on the street only recently demanding freedom," said Geelani.
"It would behove us to mention it to Andy but I'm a football coach, I talk to players about their roles to help the team win," he said.
I understand that these parties have different priorities; however, given the crisis facing the UK, it behoves them to unite, if only temporarily, to overcome the disastrous policy of the present government.
So it ill behoves the SNP on Aberdeen Council to start whingeing about the labour led administration sending out pro-union literature with council tax bills.
Already there is concern about the ability of hospitals to cope if there is a bad winter, and it behoves all those who are in my age group to do all we can to look after ourselves at home, and not have to be rushed to accident and emergency.
It perhaps behoves us Merseysiders to make full use of our ferries.
But it ill behoves the man who preaches social equality and the working-class ethos of hard graft reaping its own rewards, to behave like a loaded pop star bequeathing his rock brats with homes most of us couldn't afford in a lifetime.
Mr Oates said: "I think it ill behoves them to start talk about restrictions on the nature of the debate."
But it ill behoves a left over from the last Tory Government to make political capital out of it, given that party's record on jobs in this part of the world.
It saddens me to write this but with the debate raging on over in Parliament and across this great nation of ours I feel it behoves me to wage in.