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6) Behove is the most frequently attested necessity verb in sub-period M2 in Loureiro Porto's corpus.
They voted for roads, for daily wage employment, for other employments, food materials, which did not behove a community which turned out in hundred thousands on the street only recently demanding freedom," said Geelani.
It behoves us all to watch how public money is spent on grandiose, Banana-Republic projects.
It behoves us all to know what our strengths are, too, and to use them for the good of all.
While we have such an organisation, it behoves those who are not willing to stand in the line to respect those that do so on our behalf.
IT ill behoves your correspondent, V Tomlinson (ECHO Letters, Jan 20), to rail against racism and then to declare himself to be chairman, Merseyside Black Police Association; surely a blatantly racist organisation
As professional pessimists, it behoves us to be happy in other aspects of our lives.
As His children, it behoves us to emulate our Heavenly Father's attributes which might enable us to shift boundaries and barriers in thought and deed.
It behoves us all to be more careful in giving our assent to something when we have no intention whatsoever of doing what we have promised God in prayer.
Sir - So much is said faulting the NHS that it behoves me to write the following.
It behoves those of us who buy plants at this time of the year to prepare them immediately for planting by giving their roots a good soaking.
It behoves us all to think before we speak and act.