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the being who sees beyond what you do to me, what I
Being close to my cousin often gives me an uncomfortable view of racial dynamics that most folks only speak of in the abstract.
In 1970, the percentage of children being raised by single mothers was eleven percent.
I give Taco money to buy drinks in the Linkou Club and walk Chu-Chu to the only secluded corner of the base, a deserted chapel still being repaired from the last typhoon that ripped part of its roof away.
ProMetic's technology has been licensed to AM-Pharma for use in connection with Alkaline Phosphatase, a proprietary product being developed by AM-Pharma for the treatment of sepsis and septic shock.
You can't help being overqualified for a position, but you can tailor your resume and cover letter so that it more accurately speaks to the position for which you're applying.
SARTRE: Yes, and by this I mean for man "subjectivity is the starting point." Obviously my reference is to consciousness, which itself is a lack of being, an absence of being, a veritable "nothingness" within a world of things.
TH-PM-R-4: NSTL Evaluation of the Compact EMC Chamber with Absorbers Being Partially Lined on the Floor Ground
Says Emily, 12, "The cool part about being bigger than my buds is that I don't ever have to lend my stuff out and worry about it getting messed up.
It has been a very long time, but the final acts of contrition are being offered and accepted.
True, we all hav e flaws and we don't reject others for being imperfect.