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They are throwing Harry a belated 20th birthday party.
Having served thousands of guests across the region, the hardworking team enjoyed their own belated festive fun.
A petitioner may seek a belated appeal upon the allegation that the petitioner timely requested counsel to appeal the order denying petitioner's motion for postconviction relief and counsel, through neglect, failed to do so.
Santa Claus turned up in a miniature fire engine and to make up for his belated appearance he produced a present for each of the 100 youngsters and gave them rides on his engine.
FOLLOWING my retirement, I would like to express some belated thanks - belated due to the fact that we went on holiday straight after racing at Worcester on the October 6.
Before a belated crackdown in 2002, the city of New York was an open parking lot for diplomats: Pleading immunity, they were free to pluck tickets from their windshields with nary a thought of paying up.
The congressman presented Blancato with a belated Bronze Star he'd earned in World War II.
LITTLE Joe Mainwaring was too ill to have a party on his third birthday, so his mum set up a belated party instead.
Steps toward a serious yet belated recognition of the artist's centrality in American painting of the 1960s (which would finally place him on par with his peers, his former companions and close friends Robert Rauschenberg and jasper Johns) were initiated only a decade ago, when Kirk Varnedoe dedicated a magisterial catalogue with an exhaustive biographical essay to Twombly on the occasion of the artist's first retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1994.
Therefore, his recognition as one of the most influential pedagogues of the 20th-century has been belated.
She wrote with grace, and I welcome this belated opportunity to tell her so.
This issue I include my fifth article on the Medal of Honor relating the first award for Iraq and the 39 belated awards since two awards for Somalia in the early 1990s.