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Postulating that people act in their own self-interest should include the realization that many do so "fitfully, belatedly, and indirectly.
Though Kevin Cohee, chairman and CEO of BBoC, says the Citizens Trust merger did not influence him to seek a deal of his own, both pending transactions are propelled by a consolidation trend that is belatedly engaging African American-owned banks.
And she, or her deputies, should have pulled together all the available information in the executive branch, including the incriminating FBI memos from Phoenix and Minneapolis, and the allegedly hectic, but nonspecific, warnings from the CIA, which only belatedly took the threat seriously.
Subsequent testing showed that inosine treatment spawned improvements even when started 24 hours after the stroke, suggesting that people diagnosed belatedly with stroke might still benefit from the drug, says study coauthor Marc Lanser, an immunologist at Boston Life Sciences, which holds a patent on the use of inosine in stroke recovery.
American conservatives, having flirted for far too long with theocratic extremists, realized belatedly the nature of some of the people they were allied with.
Brown belatedly brought up the rear when a pas de quatre was needed.
The companies will displace Chevron Corp, Sears Roebuck & Co, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co and Union Carbide Corp on the 103-year-old Dow, in a move belatedly recognizing the growing weight of technology firms in the US economy.
The reevaluation of Milton's work in light of current scholarship concerned with colonial expansion has only belatedly begun, but conflicting views are already developing.
Brokers viewed the 26th and 27th floors, formerly The 60 Fast Club, on March 19, when the historic edifice, in a nod to its other namesake, belatedly celebrated President Lincoln's birthday.
When Mother Teresa's long life ends, it would not be surprising, nonetheless, if a belatedly grateful world calls for her canonization by acclamation.
The procedures the SEC is finally developing, however belatedly, are key to protecting the citizens that the press and government both serve.
LSH belatedly found their form and had much the better of the last quarter.