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Whether the act of writing and the persistence of what is printed on the page share a temporality of anticipation or becoming, anachronism or belatedness, authorship is now shaped by the temporality of its enactment and by its (not-so-permanent) ending.
Another obvious example of Clare incorporating Keatsian echoes, but also exploring tile Keatsian tropes of echoing and belatedness, is Sonnet XXXIII, "Autumn," which begins "The busy bee hath humm'd himself to rest; / Flowers dry to seed, that held the sweets of Spring; / Flown is the bird, and empty is the nest, / His broods are rear'd, no joys are left to sing.
Fanon does not justify black subjects' belatedness through a consideration of the structural inequities that burden black people's lives so that the perennial sufferers of colored people's time might assimilate the structures and submit to the strictures of modernity.
This, however, betrays the reactive features of evil: its belatedness vis-a-vis the Good and Being itself, negated in every act that emanates from the evildoer.
What saves the book from feeling derivative is Connors's wry sense of belatedness but also and above all his voice.
The belatedness of the bikini's cinematic debut, like its delayed incorporation into everyday society, can be contributed to the austerity of conventional fashion and the initial repudiation of anything new.
In the case of Heart of Darkness, when Marlow finally reaches his final destination and encounters Mr Kurtz, a sense of belatedness is brought home to us.
Caruth (1995:8) also emphasises the "timelessness" and "placeless-ness" in the peculiar temporal structure of trauma and the link with repetition: "the belatedness of historical experience: since the traumatic event is not experienced as it occurs, it is fully evident only in connection with another place, another time".
It will be following in the wake of other subaltern literatures which have already assayed that encounter, and, as I intimated before, if there is a crisis in Maltese literature it must lie in the belatedness of this effort.
The problems with it are probably due, however, not only to the author's belatedness, but also to lack of communication across the pond.
The timing of its opening - although the source of criticism for its belatedness - also provides Great Leighs with a precious opportunity.
Milton liked to write about himself: as ethical proof, as self-justification, explaining his belatedness, finding his strengths and failings mirrored in his imaginative characters.