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Using this method of belaying is not overly reliable and can cause a lot of harm to both the climber and the belayer.
Locking carabiner and belay device: These pieces of hardware are belaying essentials.
I glance down to the other end, where Sue is momentarily pulled off the ground by my weight at the other end of the rope as she fumbles with the belaying clip before releasing me slowly down to terra firma.
Sometimes, the team is large, and many different "belays" are ongoing -- one may be belaying and belayed by multiple other team members.
How it's used: The ship's sheaves, wooden blocks, belaying pins, and dead-eyes, all components of the rigging, are made of lignumvitae.
Contract award notice: "preparation and delivery of flags, banners, brackets and belaying cleats, installation and dismantling of banners to brackets and belaying cleats and installation and dismantling them to the pillars of the transport infrastructure of varna municipality for the needs of the municipality of varna and secondary administrators with budget uic 000093442".