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There's a sort of hopefulness about this song, with lines such as "You know I don't mind my time/ When my time's spent with you," but that relative lightness is belayed by the hollowness of the music, the spare, rustic guitar that gives the whole song an air of dashed hope.
I climb until the rope comes tight to Bob, and then I build an anchor to belay him up to me.
There are 4 climbing stations that can hold ropes or auto belays. Wall comes with complete custom trailer.
Participants are hooked to both dynamic belays, safety lines counterbalanced by teammates, or static belays that are hooked onto cables.
'We attach you to a climbing rope, someone belays you from below, taking up the slack as you climb.
Sometimes, the team is large, and many different "belays" are ongoing -- one may be belaying and belayed by multiple other team members.
Look Up belays them to a giant vertical surface from which they dive toward the audience.