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My body again heats up from the exertion, but I have layered accordingly, which allows me to remove my belay jacket before I start climbing and put it in a small stuff sack on my harness.
3) Climbing rope is looped through a belay device, seen here on guide Pat Dennis.
A petite blonde woman from an orienteering magazine is attached to the other end to belay for me and I shin up the pole.
It also aids better rope management at belays, helping to prevent the all too common Alpine spaghetti cluster.
Look Up belays them to a giant vertical surface from which they dive toward the audience.
Choose staff members who have a working knowledge of rock climbing and vertical caving systems (knots, sets, rappelling, belays, etc.
The simplicity of this definition belays both the complexity of the standard, and the impact its adoption will have on the telecommunications industry and beyond.