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Whenever I drive my car, I never once think of myself as a poor beleaguered motorist.
In fact, rather than shun stocks, recognize that a beleaguered market usually signals great buying opportunities.
Spread narrowing this year has been broad-based, with some beleaguered industrial sectors tightening significantly, according to Derivative Fitch Senior Director Jim Batterman.
In a bombshell for beleaguered Noocarsul Rovers, I can exclusively reveal how the situation is rapidly deteriorating at the beleaguered club.
With South Dakota State's only tall player out with an injury and its top scorer hobbling on a bad hip Sunday, the beleaguered Jackrabbits probably hung around a bit longer than they should have in a 72-61 nonconference men's basketball loss to Cal State Northridge in front of a crowd of 792 at the Matadome.
Kennedy came into office, he immediately set out to develop the means to export American force, and American-style democracy, to unsettled and beleaguered corners of the world.
No word yet if rock millionaire Mellencamp is planning Blue State Aid, to help the beleaguered urban taxpayers keeping his Seymour relatives high on the government hog.
Michael is a terrific beleaguered hero who wants his pre-house visit life especially his endearing wife back; Jillian is fantastic as she transforms from a friendly caring person into a cynical soulless individual as the child who became the adult was erased from her memory.
Actress Marcia Wallace, who has voiced Bart's beleaguered fourth-grade teacher, Edna Krabappel (right), since the show's first season, doesn't have a clue, but she has a few theories.
After inflicting a few cuts, Abdul-Shajee made numerous swipes at Al Kurdi's face, nearly severing the beleaguered employee's nose.
Most authors bemoan the fact that traditional houses are everywhere beleaguered and under assault from the market economy, rapid urbanization, and declining craft skills.
Even in the most beleaguered parts of the country, unemployment went down and business improved Wail Street celebrated.