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Several neighbors ran to help the beleaguered pet owner, but could not control the dog, which began menacing the rescuers.
NORTHERN IRELAND manager Lawrie Sanchez has his once beleaguered players believing they can win again -- a far cry from the defeatist attitude of six months ago.
Beleaguered might be a better word; it's mired in banality and its neighbours would surely unite to block so bold a structure today.
However, these strong results have not translated into an upturn for beleaguered building construction segments.
Can you picture some beleaguered wage-and-hour examiner going through a stack of Widget Industry Fortnightly and marking each article as exhibiting "diligence and accuracy" or others showing "imagination and talent"--and then coming to a decision?
Besides, think of the benefits: I would shoot through that $25 million in about a month, providing further pivotal momentum to a beleaguered Left Coast economy.
At play in the vicissitudes of youth and decrepitude is the perpetual subject of Pierson's work: belligerent or beleaguered, the glam queen, lover boy, outcast, or clown.
RAY Davies mentions 'beleaguered refugee camps in Gaza, Bethlehem and in an area west of the River Jordan'.
Venezuelans continue to battle over beleaguered President Hugo Chavez In Colombia, the civil war, once a mountain phenomenon, has reached the cities.
The deal is one of the few bright spots for beleaguered black farmers, who continue to dwindle in number as younger generations flee the industry while those who remain constantly struggle to operate profitably.
And when he turns to city and department officials, the increasingly isolated and beleaguered police officer learns no one is interested in uncovering this scandal.
But the games bring new hope to beleaguered Beijing.