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The Foreign Office's spokesperson said, 'India attempted to portray Jadhav as a common prisoner to belie the reality.' 'Jadhav was a spy sent to Pakistan for carrying out subversive activities.
In it, Belie crosses the globe looking for the fountain of happiness.
Belie extended Brive's lead with a penalty, but SCORE: Earls runs in a try then Earls got his second and Ronan O'Gara converted and fired over three penalties from distance after Stringer was gifted their fifth after 50 minutes.
2 : to show to be false <Their actions belie their claim of innocence.>
Howley's actions belie her superficially hard-line position.
These are characters whose outer lives belie inner conflicts, and readers will care about what happens to them.
Directed by Adrian Belie. Camera (color, mini-DV-to-HD), Belie; editor, Jennifer Chinlund; music, Marcello De Francisci.
A story of the intersection between culture, increased demands, and technology, Industrializing American Shipbuilding is a deftly researched and presented treatise on the realities of change, featuring black-and-white photographs and extensive notes which belie the immense amount of meticulous research and attention to detail.
If it was tries that mattered, the only one in the first 35-minute half came from England, after the French full-back, Mathieu Belie, had secured three penalties.
The conversational tone of the book is comforting, but in no way does it belie the sagacity contained within its pages.
Rather than a series of tactical responses, which end up compromising the diagram of framed views and calculated routes, the building has a feeling of serenity and completeness that belie the design effort required to achieve such an outcome.
We all want to do better, but the facts today belie Epstein's cynical view.