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In a Facebook post, Roces belied the allegation she was Sy's mistress.
Other pieces in the book are a little more scattershot, with some reading more like polemics or deviating a bit from the topic at hand, but the best pieces in Justice Belied raise interesting questions about why the notion of international law hasn't lived up to its noble stated intentions.
In a TV interview on Wednesday, Abad, a former Batanes representative, belied that he served as Napoles' mentor in 2000 on how to create bogus non government organizations (NGOs).
The 18-year-old from Hertfordshire produced another performance which belied his inexperience in the senior ranks as he comfortably overcame world-ranked Georgian Kakhaber Zhvania 15-5.
Even this caveat is belied by the wording of many misyar contracts.
Although Alonzo King crafted his Before the Blues at Florida's White Oak Plantation during the most recent hurricane season, this 50-minute essay on the post-Civil War experience of African Americans radiates a serenity and poise that belied its turbulent genesis.
Although Sadat's crackdown on his critics shortly before his death belied this, there was optimism at first among those who failed to understand the dictates of the client relationship with Washington that his successor, President Husni Mubarak, would resume the democratization process, as he promised to do.
R606 might appear rigid, but this is belied by a surprising sensation of softness and flexibility.
Fahlstrom's relative lack of critical lionization is belied by the fame of some of Pop's abject, punk-rock offspring whose work was prefigured in his--among them Raymond Pettibon, Matthew Ritchie, Carroll Dunham, and Mike Kelley.
The young people's rambunctious behaviour, though, belied a deep spiritual thirst and sense of integrity.
All of them remind the reader that contrary to the mores of the 19th century, these "whaling wives" belied the term "the weaker sex.