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Idealism does not say that nothing can be known beyond the present thought, but it maintains that the context of vague belief, which we spoke of in connection with the thought of St.
His belief in these moments of dread was, that if he spontaneously did something right, God would save him from the consequences of wrong-doing.
This study aimed at finding out the beliefs of Pakistani first year university students about learning English language.
Science, for example, purports to be methodical in its selection of better belief (t) and its rejection of worse beliefs (t).
Filipinos have quite a few folk beliefs when it comes to their dead.
So do political beliefs fall within the category of philosophical belief?
IT IS NO SECRET humans are social creatures with beliefs that are, literally, all over the map.
Beliefs and practices are fundamentally interrelated and, in the classroom, a teacher holding two beliefs that are inconsistent with each other may experience tension.
Liminal thinking is the art of getting in this transition space to look at your beliefs in a new way in order to facilitate change.
Religions and religious practices are characterised by various beliefs that shape the private and public lives of adherents of these various religions.
This thought-provoking and important book shows how people are drawn toward dangerous beliefs.
International Handbook of Research on Teachers' Beliefs