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casing and remote control n of its budget billing, the er excellent entry-level or puts out belies its price gh to use in ambient light, sing level of contrast that the darker scenes in asino Royale.
2 : to show to be false <Their actions belie their claim of innocence.>
Universal citizen service will bring Americans of every background together to make America safer and more united in common purpose." One function of that proposal would be to expand the military by at least 100,000 men--a target that belies Emanuel and Reed's assurance that they don't endorse a return to conscription.
Jason Taylor is a 13-year-old British schoolboy, sensitive and observant enough to write poetry of a quality that belies his age, smart enough to keep that (and much else) under his hat and maintain a low profile to fit in with his peers, and still naive enough not to fully comprehend a great deal of what goes on around him in the adult world.
Characteristic twists only heighten the shock of this revamped persona; the angelic '50s teen idol quality of "Dear God, Please Help Me," orchestrated by Ennio Morricone, contrasts sharply with its sexual images, while "To Me You Are a Work of Art" swaggers with cockiness that belies its conflicted desires.
2*4*6*8: American Cheerleaders And Football Players is a superb pictorial in celebration of an American phenomenon played out on and off the highschool football fields with a passion and intensity that belies our ordinary notions of adolescent youth.
Sleekly muscular and charmed with a radiating smile that belies a fierce intensity, Mantsoe performs rituals of spiritual fulfillment whose influences range from China to Africa.
Based on Dahl's two dimensions, Turkey qualifies as a polyarchy, but the fact that the army has set limits on what the popularly elected government does (and recurrently has taken power when it was dissatisfied) belies this designation to a considerable degree.
The undercurrent of the amnesia and violence that seems to envelope Eden's descendants, to the point where it belies the town's initial reason for being, develops into an interesting tale about truths, including those which are historical, spiritual, emotional, political, and ultimately, ancestral.
Despite this however, Manser has generated a form that belies the complexity within, and provided a building that in many ways will help to streamline future operations.
But a new image unveiled this week belies that serene portrait.