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Being holy men, I trust that ye would not belie your word so pledged, therefore I know the good Saint Dunstan hath sent this in answer to my prayers.
Do not belie the intelligence I see in your face by judging from my appearance of my ability to defeat your troubles.
And thus speak ye of yourselves in your intercourse, and belie your neighbour with yourselves.
In addition, the Court rejected PCC's claim that its contract with MovieFone was induced by fraud, citing the fact that MovieFone paid $2 million for the benefit of the contract between the companies and that such payment, "in the absence of countervailing facts supporting another conclusion, belies a claim that the contract was induced by fraud.
The simple, efficient design of the Convect-Rite(TM) II system belies the cutting-edge thermal technology contained in the system," said Julia Wimpee, Aladdin Temp-Rite Advanced Meal Delivery System Product Manager.
Scanga's monotypes and collage works on paper can also seem slight: driven by an appearance of pictorial indolence that belies their achievement.
It is a mature and flexible tool whose simplicity belies its underlying strength," said Greg Alwang, editor PC Magazine.
They deliver visual pleasure that not only belies their reductive compositions and simple subjects, but is also exceptionally resistant to linguistic description.
stated that "the corresponding loss belies several positive events for the quarter.
Though Porter's determination to provide a linguistic simulacrum for painterly effects can sometimes be maddening, it can also be charming and enlightening: when he achieves a gorgeous effect in his criticism, it's with a sudden lightness that belies his ponderous and calculated locutions.
Jensen's compositions would seem unresolved or even incomplete were it not for their intuitive elegance: That he often minimizes the physical work necessary to produce his paintings belies the mental effort it takes to create such apparently slapdash beauty.
Likewise, her title track, "Become You," is buoyed along by a bright accordion that belies the song's sober message (a call for intolerant types to do some soul-searching).