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We investigate the impact of alternative framing of a factually equivalent price comparison advertisement on the key outcome variables of believability, transaction value, acquisition value, search intention and purchase intention.
Ekman and his coauthor Maureen O'Sullivan of the University of San Francisco motivated the women to lie by telling them that because nurses shouldn't be bothered by gory images, their believability related to their future career success.
The basic finding that using two sides of a package (short claim on front; long on back) increases the believability of health claims is relevant for policymakers, consumers, and researchers.
And sometimes costuming can reflect the believability of a character: Artistic directors must decide, for example, whether Romeo and Juliet should leave their bed fully clothed, or whether the ravaged Chosen One in The Rite of Spring ends up with not a shred of covering.
When you study tire genre of heist films, there are two things that make a huge difference: the believability of the essentials of the story and the actors who are selling you that believability.
Believability flows from a body of work seasoned with a lifetime of perspective.
Only in her attempt to bring all narrative voices together does she falter, sacrificing economy and believability in her effort to create a world as she generously wants it to be rather than as it is.
Barriers to program success particularly with regards to the perceived believability of the social norm messages are discussed.
The 'World of Good' message must be delivered with consistency in order for the story to gain awareness, understanding, and believability in the marketplace.
The believability of that truth's reflection is what sometimes falters.
Credibility is the believability of a person as measured by another person.
The survey found that about 40% of a company's reputation "can be attributed to the CEO," especially in such areas as customer focus, believability, and company direction.