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For this paper, results from the comparison of first year and follow-up data are presented along with data on the degree of student believability of the social norm messages being marketed.
"Safety, cost, and believability are other important considerations."
The perceived earthquake risk is presumed to be a function of the believability of the prediction, and believability is a necessary, but not a sufficient factor for motivating public response.
This "believability" factor also extends to video depositions, where juries can watch actual testimony rather than the lawyers' interpretations.
The argument is as follows: The believability of the observation is strengthened when two or more people agree on what they saw.
Other debit points include 'Deadma Walking's' denouement, which is made weak and unfocused by its believability gap-despite a big plot twist that takes its treatise on friendship up to a higher and more 'telling' level.
The findings indicated that the defusion instruction produced a significant reduction in both the believability and the distress levels associated with the thought, compared to both the thought distraction and thought control groups.
Alibi believability research has generally been focused on the strength of the alibi evidence.
The believability of the story makes it that much more poignant and you are willing her mum to get well.
To then make her swap her dead baby for a neighbour's stretches soap believability beyond breaking point.
In a message sent to the Head of State, the participants in the Forum voice their consideration to President Ben Ali for the judicious orientations he made in the economic field, particularly in the industrial sector, which helped Tunisia hold an advanced status on both the regional and international scenes and earn a highly honourable position in international rankings known for their believability.
In order to increase trial of functional foods/beverages, it's necessary not only to understand the interrelationship of their importance, but also the barriers to use, including the believability of health claims.