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Glasgow is such a great city to set a crime novel in and she writes the women characters so believably.
To its credit, "Situation" presents a variety of different Iraqi characters believably and, even when they behave villainously, with a good deal of understanding and respect.
They are very specific and set, but each dancer must find a way to interpret the stories poetically and believably.
Despite their mythic stature, Cahill makes them believably human.
Bartleby (played by Justin Long) and his posse of rejects all act admirably on screen and make the tension believably real and the movie unbelievably funny.
As ever North manages to balance humour with deftly tackled tricky subjects, from motherhood to mortality, as well as perhaps the hardest trick of all - believably readable sex scenes which don't make you cringe.
Although Tom and Edie are believably still hot for each other after 20 years of marriage, their relationship sometimes comes across as a little too harmonious.
Although both novels deal with painful historical material--protagonists who collect or safeguard old papers or objects; adults neglected as children and misinformed about their parents' lives--the characters in Thirty-Three Swoons are less believably haunted and raw.
Yet still training-ground players continue to carve out a living and now, scarcely believably, Heskey (right) is back in the England squad.
Rhys was completely superb in a role that must be one of the most difficult, relying not only on a huge ability and talent as an actor but also on an ability to believably portray a real person as famous as Peter Cook.
While it is a tired device to have him the same age as Christ, with everything that follows from that, his sadness and history are rendered believably, and the tact and sympathy shown toward him indicate Conn's potential.