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While 56 per cent of people believe in heaven, only 38 per cent believe in hell, and belief in God is much more popular than faith in the devil, with only 37 per cent of respondents believing in Satan.
The next binomial test question was "Do you think she takes regular classes or special-education classes?" Results were non-significant between males viewing both photographs with five out of 14 males believing W was in special-education and five out of 16 girls believing the same.
They committed themselves to believing in a Garden of Eden that couldn't be located, a great flood for which there was no geological record, the virgin birth, and the physical resurrection of Jesus.
But I think it's a good read for someone who doesn't know much about God and wonders if believing in him makes any sense.
The original officer, believing the vehicle contained contraband, began a search of the passenger area of the vehicle.
A majority of people in Britain neither hopes nor fears for a life after death with just about a third believing in heaven, and even fewer in hell and the devil.
In contrast it opposed the SEC's proposed director election rules, believing they would result in sweeping, harmful changes in corporate governance practices while failing to achieve the SEC's objective of improving the proxy process at unresponsive companies.
All I want to do here is show how I've made my way, trying to evaluate evidence in ways that help me assess the consequences of believing in some stories instead of others.
For instance, in Thomas, Jesus says, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." John, on the other hand, rather than encouraging spiritual transformation, recommends that humans save themselves by believing rightly.
Catholics have no theological problem in believing that many changes have been made, provided it is granted that God is the ultimate cause of them, and that God is the direct creator of the human soul.
She has learned from an early age about the importance of validating and believing in herself and her family.