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The British number one is a huge admirer of Nadal and has publicly backed him in the debate over who is the best player of all time, while Federer has on occasion appeared to belittle Murray.
The name is said to have first been used by South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem to belittle the rebels.
Organizers say the actions of the Education Ministry have stirred utter chaos in the system and belittle scientists and researchers, especially young ones, pointing out with the lowest budget for science in Europe, Bulgaria, actually, ranks among Third World countries.
27/01/10 13:14 Politics - Deputy Saleh: belittling Ethiopian plane crash case is an attempt by those who don't want Lebanese unity NNA - "Liberation and Development" bloc member Deputy Abdel Majid Saleh said in his condolences tour to Aabassiyeh Village that "Ethiopian plane crash catastrophe despite its tragedy was able to unite the Lebanese and all attempts to belittle the case is an attempt by those who don't want Lebanese unity".
Having been a misguided "blazer boy" in both Durham and Northumberland, I am disappointed that Tim Taylor should not only belittle those that volunteer and give so much of their time to the administration of golf, but also belittle the achievements of many of us in Durham and Northumberland as winners of both stroke play and match play championships, including among others, multiple winners J Hayes, D McM Moffat, SE Philipson, A J McLure and R Clark.
Whoever it is, there is no justification for anybody to go overboard over a BD20 con, wherein you take the authority to judge all Arabs as cheats, belittle their religion and are even doubtful whether the cheat really needed the BD20
Moving the Falkirk-Celtic game to the day of the CIS Cup Final is playground posturing to belittle the SFL's showpiece.
Reading it, I found I again need to remind myself to listen to my body and not belittle the activity that may be going on.
A talent so huge that she should not belittle herself by even thinking of signing a 50million euro deal with Sony.
That's not to belittle the rest of our sisters in pumps.
PLEASE, D M of Liverpool 6 (Letters, Oct 29), don't belittle the very expensive posters Kensington Regeneration keep putting up at the corner of Beech Street.
Rather, in his eagerness to belittle my findings, he shows a defensiveness that raises concerns about the capacity of teacher education to reform itself.