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Rather, the effect of joining culture and taxes has been to distort culture's social role, and ultimately to belittle its stature.
Unlike Rose, Bridie, or Grace, Ruth doesn't tell stories to belittle or manipulate.
Your goal is to help your staff write clear and useful memos or reports and, eventually, dispense with your services, not to disparage the writer nor belittle "bad" writing.
Even as a child I was aware of unsavory applications of the tale by adults, who often invoked it, not in order to hail my superior judgment, but to belittle something new and of interest--Andy Warhol, for instance, or Rudi Gernreich.
Wood, who studies the health effects of exercise and diet at Stanford University's Center for Disease Prevention, cautions that the new findings don't belittle the value of vigorous exercise.
I don't want to belittle them as problems, but we are overlooking things that have to be addressed in the long term.
It's a h i li t th phenomenon in gaelic games at the minute where everyone is trying to belittle our games - and unfortunately it's our own that's doing most of the belittling.
Don't belittle women's input into our nation's wealth.
I am not attempting to belittle or decry the attempts tomake each trade a profession -if I want my lawn mowed I don't want to be referred to a gardening expert and be charged for his/her expertise.
Having been a misguided "blazer boy" in both Durham and Northumberland, I am disappointed that Tim Taylor should not only belittle those that volunteer and give so much of their time to the administration of golf, but also belittle the achievements of many of us in Durham and Northumberland as winners of both stroke play and match play championships, including among others, multiple winners J Hayes, D McM Moffat, SE Philipson, A J McLure and R Clark.
This is for those individuals who made futile attempt to belittle Rajendra K Aneja, passing sarcastic remarks on his letters published in the GDN.
ITALY coach Marcello Lippi will not belittle the threat posed by the United States when the teams meet tonight in Kaiserslautern.