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Perhaps his perception of being belittled and treated in a heavy -handed manner may have been exacerbated by that.
courtesy, Is a step that ought not to be belittled By anyone who hopes
The Archbishop of Birmingham, back in action yesterday for the first time since his hip operation, said religious belief was being belittled by a vociferous minority.
Congress, belittled as some dreamer's spendthrift boondoggle?
Seinfeld never belittled thought, friendship, or romance, but it did belittle the empty conversations and relationships that often take their place.
The two authors do not go in much for personality portraits, not even of FDR, but they do a good job in their descriptions of Hull and his frustration over working for a president who belittled him.
Summary: Surat (Gujarat) [India], November 29 (ANI): Congress leader Anand Sharma on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi belittled his position by hosting US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Andhra Pradesh.
PANGASINAN -- Senator Grace Poe on Friday shot back at critics who belittled her experience as a teacher to qualify her to run for president.
Miliband believes Clarkson and broadcaster Janet Street-Porter have belittled people with mental illness and contributed to a national taboo on the issue.
And, proving that three is still a charm, Falwell was finally forced to concede the truth--but belittled it by saying he had agreed to pay back taxes only to avoid increasing legal fees to fight the ongoing audit.