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A second group was assigned to another belittlement condition: this group was asked to distort the original statements to give the impression that the other individuals involved in the event were incompetent or socially undesirable.
Patmore was not alone in his belittlement of Austen.
The slogans raised by the members of Morsi's tribe (as they are called) during the demonstrations staged in his support, featured alarming expressions conveying the extent of their belittlement of others as lower degree citizens.
"People who expressed honest concern on the belittlement of our national hero (whose monument did not resemble Jashari at all) instead of getting support from the ambassador, were attacked with words that could be expected more of a municipal counselor than a diplomat.
However, Lualdit belittlement on the South Sudanese in Diaspora shouldn't go unchallenged.
As the Commission's lawyer explained, "Sexual orientation is a protected category under the code and you are not allowed to say anything that will cause other people to feel hatred or ridicule or belittlement toward members of those protected categories." Apparently films that degrade children do not fall under the same category.
It's time to rise above the belittlement and hatred, and to focus on compassion and understanding.
Eugene comes to believe his father's persistent jibes that he's good for nothing; self-esteem is destroyed by constant belittlement.
There's a long apologia for the Promise Keepers and the Nation of Islam, whose explicit advocacy of male-dominant marriage is explained as the response of men in "anguish" at society's belittlement of masculinity.
For 30 years, West junior had been treated with "severe belittlement and contempt" by his father, the lawyer said.
Rizaov comments that he believes more in their statements that a deep insult and belittlement is at issue.
The former attorney general told the Daily Mirror last night: "Mr Moneea is suing first because he has been the subject of detention, of belittlement, of reputation being damaged after having been arrested.