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He sees this phenomenon as a misguided reaction to the successive failures of Muslim states or reformist thinkers to fashion workable and virtuous forms of modernity for the Muslim world, much less as a response directly to Western imperialism, cultural penetration, or belittlement.
As the self-appointed advisor to the orphaned Jane Fairfax, who is living in reduced circumstances with her aunt and grandmother, Augusta Elton illustrates this potential for the abuse of authority; her belittlement of Jane, which she justifies in the language of conduct books, suggests that married women--despite their presumed maturity--are no more reliable than single ones in their role as guides.
Gallantly, Salah Gosh has to be warned just to back off from his usual belittlement and belligerent towards Southerners.
So, without belittlement of the contestants, where was the drama?
Justice Hegde cited non- cooperation from the state government and belittlement of the institution as the reason for his action.
The belittlement of the redemptive and central sacrifice of Holy Communion however is more serious .
Haydon taken aback by this recurring belittlement declared Hazlitt's criticism to be "unjustly" and sought to respond.
The belittlement of that period in Montale's words has a double significance, as it involves both the literary and the political refusal of the Futurist avant-garde and of the Fascist ideology with which the writers and artists of the first phase of the Giubbe Rosse cafe were involved.
Rabearivelo's irony shows both in the belittlement of evil forces into just an "invisible rat" and in the depiction of the colonized people as drunk, indifferent, and aimless.
This critique of belittlement remains crucial wherever bottom-up social movements or new indigenous projects are understood to be mere epiphenomena, functionally contained by global or state structures.
This can be concluded from the author's insistence on Mitar's policy of belittlement and violence against his entire family, exemplifying the kind of patriarchy which presents a threat to the ethical values of society.
Of course, the delineation of peer group versus clique rests upon the individual, whether youth or adult; those who use membership for separation and belittlement between themselves and others are viewing and using their group as a clique.