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Experiences of belittlement and harassment and their correlates among medical students in the United States: longitudinal survey.
Screaming headlines, outrageous accusations and belittlement of gun owners were and continue to be the signature of many segments of the media that exploit disaster for its "entertainment" value.
Prevalence of mistreatment or belittlement among medical students--a cross sectional survey at a private medical school in Karachi, Pakistan.
Born "Little," he struggled manfully against the belittlement that American race relations imposed on him.
It may be construed as a matter or courtesy or of the utmost belittlement.
Srader's tactics, belittlement and infantilization - appearing as they do in a clarion call for civil, mature discussion - leave me terribly confused.
Two broad areas are discussed by Gomez-Quinones, the belittlement, dismissal, and creation of a Native American fantasy culture in the Euroamerican image, and the need to develop theory from indigena voices.
The result is not the kind of belittlement of another so easily recognized in satire but a paradoxical form of humor that is most often misunderstood by others and thus serves only to distance Zeno from friends and family.
Jews have a long history of overcompensating for our equally long history of victimization, belittlement and exclusion by extolling our great contributions to Western civilization.
having difficulty in identifying microaggressions; experiencing microaggressions from peers, friends, neighbors, and authority figures; being conflicted about whether and how to respond to experiences of microaggressions; and feeling intense negative emotions such as anger, belittlement, and alienation because of their racial microaggression experiences).
It indeed takes a lot of courage to let go of the negative view of women, with what it includes of chauvinism, discrimination and belittlement.
However, I do strongly object to the belittlement of our efforts on convoys to Russia by a pen-pushing individual behind a desk sitting in the warmth of Westminster.