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Talk like this doing only causes uneasiness in these areas, and belittles all the good work of community leaders.
We're married but he's never taken much interest in family life - and he belittles me too.
Abusing a small country of eleven million people because of the threat of a good example belittles America, and allowing Jesse Helms to determine our foreign policy denigrates the USA worldwide.
Issue after issue, THE NEW AMERICAN belittles those calling attention to the issue of climate change.
What a base mindset he reveals as he belittles the work of thousands who daily trudge to perform the tasks the rest of us would loathe.
Cleet's statement emphasizing that the current production of PBDEs is solely in the form of decabromodiphenyl ether belittles the fact that, in 2001, 95% of the 7,500 metric tons of pentaBDE was produced and consumed in the United States [Bromine Science and Environmental Forum (BSEF) 2003].