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They belittle me and are sarcastic about everything.
Halper and Clarke should have devoted a little more space to Criticism of how the neocons' doings, admittedly with the stamp of approval by Congress, belittles the harm done to the principles and stature of the United States.
People relish the way she shames, humiliates and belittles decent folks in front of millions.
The Rajya Shaba, or the upper house of parliament, was adjourned for 45 minutes following uproarious scenes over the play, which critics say belittles the man who led India to freedom from British colonial rule in 1947.
This, he argues, is a view that belittles law's semi-autonomy.
Said also rejects the narrow, albeit militant, critique that belittles the works of imperialist authors as a way to restore a sense of dignity and meaning to people who have been beaten down--or just plain beaten.
I DO not wish to belittle Team GB's excellent Olympic performance, but all the media speculation and assumption re "gongs" etc is unacceptable, especially after all the comments about the last honours list.