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They belittle me and are sarcastic about everything.
Halper and Clarke should have devoted a little more space to Criticism of how the neocons' doings, admittedly with the stamp of approval by Congress, belittles the harm done to the principles and stature of the United States.
This, he argues, is a view that belittles law's semi-autonomy.
First, because these companies exploited my image in a degrading and insulting way, which in turn degrades, insults, and belittles the work that people are doing to protect our ancient redwoods and the last of our unprotected wild places.
Said also rejects the narrow, albeit militant, critique that belittles the works of imperialist authors as a way to restore a sense of dignity and meaning to people who have been beaten down--or just plain beaten.
30, 1997--A small, Houston-area Internet service provider has fired a marketing shot across the bow of communications giant Southwestern Bell in response to their ad campaign that belittles the capabilities of independent Internet providers and specialists.
But it's hate at first sight, especially after the young writer belittles the veteran comic's jokes.