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If people go out of their way to be nasty and it makes them happy then they are only belittling themselves in the eyes of God, whom everyone has to answer to on judgement day.
They have oversold the benefits of their products while belittling the public's understandable worries about genetic engineering.
My undergraduate experience was both humbling and belittling.
When not arrogantly belittling a man clearly his intellectual superior, Gzowski displayed ill-tempered impatience to get Gairdner off the air.
If you take a broader view of violent behavior, the most common form is one student humiliating, threatening, or belittling another student.
But it's a fine line, trying to make things real while at the same time not belittling or exploiting them--specially in the middle of a musical.
Rose Mannion is an Irish lass (and black widow spider) who in an icy rage has her true love executed for betraying "the cause" and then spends the rest of her life manipulating and belittling the men she marries.
The only thing you will gain by belittling your writer is an increased writing burden for yourself And that's exactly what you want to avoid.
She shows us self-proclaimed sexual modernists stunned into silence by the assertiveness of their "hypersexual" women patients, "enlightened" psychiatrists bullying men and women committed against their will, and psychiatric champions of womanhood belittling the abused wives of male clients.
in response to another biographer's belittling analysis of Sebastian.
It records--without polemics, and in a simple, factual style--the belittling of black artists by white culture.
The conquerors virtually asphyxiated the narrative of the vanquished, by belittling its forms (or turning them into exotica) and imposing the imperial story as the universal way of telling.