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"It's a h i li t th phenomenon in gaelic games at the minute where everyone is trying to belittle our games - and unfortunately it's our own that's doing most of the belittling.
If people go out of their way to be nasty and it makes them happy then they are only belittling themselves in the eyes of God, whom everyone has to answer to on judgement day.
Why should all this marginalization and belittling have to happen if Mr.
If you spent as much time looking for evidence as you've spent belittling me, you've spent this whole week belittling me."
STILL sending our young men and women into an illegal war, businesses almost daily going into receivership with the loss of hundreds of jobs, our British Isles on its knees and three little boys on long legs, one stockier than the others, belittling each other...and one of these wish to govern us.
They show their Christian love by belittling and attacking anyone who disagrees with them.
Where I have to take issue with your columnist, however, is in the rather snide belittling of what Birmingham has to offer the visitor.
While in agreement with 90 percent of your excellent articles, this belittling troubles me greatly.
A Year Of Absence: Six Women's Stories Of Courage, Hope And Love by Jessica Redmond is an inspirational and encouraging collection of stories depicting the belittling truths of temporarily losing a husband to the military.
Rather than belittling non-germ freaks, the authors would have been better advised to give space to a balanced discussion.
A row between a rebel Conservative councillor and her party colleagues is rumbling on after she accused them of 'intimidating, humiliating and belittling' her.
Thorburn lays out all of the "early warning signs" of alcoholism including lying or twisted logic, belittling others, being unusually accident prone, assigning inappropriate blame to others, and encountering recurrent financial difficulties.