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The bellicose cockerels are often referred to as 'Aseel'.
Pakistan's bellicose neighbour, India, has always retreated from a ceasefire agreement on the pretext of these militant groups in the country.
As a result, discovery was sought from employees of Bellicose Capital LLC, an entity controlled by Martorello but acquired by the tribe in 2015.
The people of India must ask the bellicose and the belligerent elements among their leadership to give peace a chance, for the sake of all humanity and for the sake of our future generations.
ISLAMABAD -- A protest rally was taken out in Peshawar on Monday condemning the Indian bellicose statements against Pakistan.
He said the bellicose language employed by the top Indian leadership highlights the threats to strategic stability in South Asia and raises questions about responsible nuclear stewardship in India.
Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday reacted to the Indian army chief's "bellicose and irresponsible statement", saying it only exposed Indian designs to the world that should immediately take note of New Delhi's threatening posture.
"We disagree with the bellicose discourse that's being used," he added.
No surprise, it was the second register bristling with bellicose turns of phrases that attracted all the attention.
Trump cited recent bellicose comments from the North in a letter to Kim released by the White House.
This might explain the reason behind Iran's bellicose remarks successively crammed within the space of one week.