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Since then the Bush administration has backed away from its bellicose stance in favor of diplomacy.
While I applaud Dr Lewis for his stand against a war with Iraq I must say I would be even more impressed if he ceased to be so bellicose towards those of us who exercise our democratic right to question the millions of pounds of taxpayers' and ratepayers' money being spent on a language used by less than 18% of the Welsh people.
He, Joe Lieberman, and the other Democrats who are echoing Bush, bellow for bellow, in bellicose rhetoric only serve to validate a main argument of Ralph Nader and the Green Party: that on issues of militarism and war, there is not a lot of difference between most of the Democrats and the Republicans.
Sir, - Friends criticise me, but every time I reflect on President Bush's gung-ho and bellicose intentions against a triumvirate of Asian nations, I tremble.
But a world full of bellicose nationalist democracies could still cause a great deal of trouble.
An early supporter of cautious deterrence, he became increasingly bellicose after moving into Nixon's White House, going so far as to draft a memo in 1972 about "strategic sufficiency" and how it could "ensure the U.
It's certainly in the category of bellicose rhetoric," Nuland said, adding that Washington is committed to its treaty obligations to the defense of South Korea and Japan.
7 ( ANI ): The United States and five other countries have reportedly agreed to reopen talks with Iran, offering Tehran a diplomatic path to resolve an ongoing nuclear crisis after months of bellicose rhetoric.
Yet in dealing with Pyongyang, the president displays none of the stiff-spined, bellicose rectitude that characterizes his treatment of Baghdad.
12 editorial criticism of Bush's bellicose rhetoric is well- taken.
In that same Welsh Non-Conformist home I absorbed a preference for the Welsh nationality to the other, more bellicose and strident version then associated with Britishness, along with a strong identification with the underdog, whether in Africa or in coal-mining communities or deprived housing estates.
Cosying up to his bellicose president Moore breaks into song: "When you're dumb as s**t, when you're dumb as s**t, the whole world's dumb as s**t too.