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Before take-off, when Blair asked if anyone had ever flown in a small aircraft, a tall Texan bellicosely announced; "I once tried to train as a pilot.
In response, Israel is speeding up exploration of its massive new offshore natural gas fields (which Lebanon has bellicosely contested); considering increasing quantities from its fields in the south; and even exploring the production of fossil fuel from shale.
meanness, gravely scowling; reckless Rumsfield, bellicosely
By smoking / the last moments / of my cigar / facing them on / the same canvas clip / with images cut automatically / which is to say with no deliberate meaning / with glacial cold / / my army advances / (All of it living snowflakes) / a splinter in the eye and heart's pierced / the heart is a block of ice / I advance / bellicosely vibrant / I'm the one / who gives / the signal / for the execution / Automatic cut: that it must cut and that it cuts all alone, by itself, without any device or mechanism other than this automatic, autotelic activation of the cut.